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Social Media Tips During COVID-19

Guest contributor: Kathy Contes, Executive Director, Digital Marketing, Agency Ten22

With the ongoing deluge of COVID-19 content, many marketers are rethinking their social media strategy. According to a recent Fixed study, Facebook is the primary platform used for COVID-19 news (35.8%), and people using Reddit as their primary source (12.4%) were the most likely to report feeling worse about the news. Among survey respondents, 43% had set time limits on how much news they would consume. Though continuous coverage can be helpful, there are risks to consider.

Social media communicators need tools to ensure their audiences stay connected and receive truthful, balanced, accurate information. To meet the challenges of connecting social media users, the major platforms now offer a number of features and hubs for COVID-related content. More than ever, people require social media to break the communication barriers amid the pandemic.

During this time of uncertainty, many marketers are pulling back spend in all areas, including social media, yet methods like email and social media are essential to engaging customers. Above all, companies need to approach their marketing strategies, including social media, in an intentional way. With that in mind, the Ten22 team offers three tips to consider for social media posts.

  1. Lighten the Mood. Post positive news along with the reality of the pandemic.
  2. Stick to the Facts. Keep the content short and sincere.
  3. Show Your Face. Communicate via Zoom, FaceTime, videos, photos. Seeing familiar faces matters.

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