Bridgecom Solutions Changes Name to Previon

Bridgecom Solutions Expands Its Commitment To Preventive Healthcare Communications and Services; Changes Name to Previon

Previon, dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that focus on preventive health care debuts PCaaS™, Preventive Care as a Service, and relocates to expanded offices in Yorba Linda, California.

Yorba Linda, Calif., June 8, 2020 — Expanding its focus on preventive healthcare technology and communication services, Bridgecom Solutions announced that it renamed and rebranded the company to Previon, and its services to Previon Preventive Care as a Service™ (Previon PCaaS™) and Previon Compliance™.  In addition, the company announced it relocated its headquarters to Yorba Linda, Calif.

The new name, Previon™ expresses the company’s dedication to creating healthier communities by enabling early detection, increasing personal health awareness, empowering people to actively participate in their care, and ensuring they are informed with compliance communications.

“Our new corporate name reflects our deep focus on delivering a comprehensive patient engagement solution that starts with preventive care and education in the home and continues through the entire health experience,” said Joel Luce, CEO of Previon. “We are excited to continue our ground-breaking work with care providers who embrace our innovative technology and platforms to continuously improve quality and close care gaps.”

Previon PCaaS, is an omni-channel communication platform for the healthcare ecosystem that helps healthcare professionals deliver communication and education to people about their personal health, elevates screening rates through home testing, and empowers people to take action. The company’s patented at-home test fulfillment process saves lives and reduces overall costs.

Previon Compliance (formerly called Bridgecom’s Netbridge) is a proven, scalable platform that enables teams managing regulated enrollee communications programs to be more productive and achieve repeatable excellence in on-time and accuracy outcomes. In addition, Previon Compliance provides comprehensive support for all regulated enrollee communications for Medicare and Medicaid.

“Our new brand visually communicates our commitment to facilitating relationships and simplifying communications from healthcare professionals to their patients so individuals can make informed decisions about their care,” said Dan Ablett, President of Previon. “We are excited to continue partnering with healthcare professionals to proactively meet the evolving needs of their consumers by delivering advanced technology that improves outcomes, reduces costs, and streamlines processes.”

The company’s new headquarters in Yorba Linda, Calif., will support Previon’s anticipated growth and provide increased capacity for product and service enhancement. The facility includes a high-tech education center and a state-of-the-art test kit assembly and distribution center. Currently, these facilities enable Previon to fulfill 20 million preventive health and compliance communications, and 1 million CRC FIT kits annually.

About Previon

Previon is the nation’s leading preventive healthcare technology company featuring innovative Preventive Care as a Service (PCaaS), patented preventive care test kits, turnkey patient outreach systems, and compliance communications. Follow Previon on Twitter and connect with us on LinkedIn. Learn more about The Previon Way™ by visiting us at

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