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The following is a guest blog post by Matt Schuchardt, Director of Market Intelligence Solutions Sales at HIMSS Analytics.
B2B marketers reaching a B2C market are in a unique position. Knowing where your audience’s audience is focused can help your messaging cut through the noise in the market place.

The timeliness of your message can make or break its impact. Oreo moments aren’t exclusive to foodstuffs and consumer packaged goods anymore. There is a massive amount of opportunity to cut through the noise of everyday life by identifying what people are talking about and bringing some insight to the conversation based on your organization’s knowledge, skill set, or expertise.

Take security, for example. With a major health system in the nation’s capital crippled by malicious hacking and health system data being held for ransom in the very recent past, your audience, and their audience, are increasingly focused on this hot button issue.

Using big data tools and insights like those powered by HIMSS Analytics® LOGIC™, providing valuable information to people can position you as the most valuable voice in the room on a multitude of topics. For example, did you know that more than 10% of health systems with 50+ hospitals have no security technology in place at 1/3 of their hospitals? The chart below outlines current gaps in hospital security technology. Given the current state of affairs this information is incredibly relevant and impactful.
US Hospitals with No Plans to Deploy Cyber Security Technologies
Digging further into the topic, Are you aware that healthcare organizations were the target of 19% of cyberattacks in 2015 and 25% of cyberattacks in the first 60 days of 2016. With prominent security gaps in healthcare and Personal Health Information 50 times more valuable than banking information we can only expect the volume and intensity of these attacks to increase. The chart below looks at the growth in hacking incidents this decade.
Healthcare - Increasing Risk from Hackers
More than 2.2 million patient records were compromised by hacking incidents at healthcare providers in March of this year alone. The cost to healthcare organizations per compromised record is double that of retail and finance.

Pretty eye opening stuff!

This is just one example of the type of opportunity that healthcare delivery and solutions marketers have to position themselves as thought leaders in the industry. You know your audience and you know your audience’s audience. Be timely, be helpful, and provide a value to the conversations that are going on around you.

There is a need for education and transformation in healthcare and your content will engage your audience if you focus on where their audience is focused.

Matt Schuchardt is the Director of Market Intelligence Solutions Sales at HIMSS Analytics. Matt began his career in market intelligence working with Sheldon Dorenfest at Dorenfest & Associates, the original healthcare technology research firm. He joined HIMSS as part of the Dorenfest acquisition in 2004. With 15 years of experience unlocking the value of data, Matt understands data capture, knows data usage and sees a brighter data-driven future. Prior to entering the healthcare IT field, Matt worked in in the field as a social worker at the Jane Addams Hull House. Matt has a BA in Anthropology from the University of Chicago where he worked as a researcher at the National Opinion Research Center.

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