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On the 8th Day of #HITMCChristmas … Elena Ivanova from Intersystems

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On the 8th Day of #HITMCChristmas we’re excited to feature, Elena Ivanova, Social Media Manager at Intersystems.

Tell us a little about yourself and InterSystems

Globally, InterSystems technology provides solutions for extremely critical data in healthcare, financial services, and beyond. It’s a privately held organization, headquartered in Cambridge, Mass., with an impressive legacy and footprint in the healthcare industry. What really sets InterSystems apart as an organization is its culture and focus on support and partners.

I’ve been with InterSystems for almost nine years and have held a few roles within the Marketing department. As a millennial, I think that speaks volumes not only about the organization’s commitment to excellence and innovation, but also to the growth and well-being of its employees.

I have never been prouder to work for InterSystems, and the stories of responsiveness and resilience that have come out of this pandemic globally have kept our Marketing department busier than ever!

What’s been your most successful marketing initiative this year and why?

There’s no doubt 2020 has been an interesting year. There has been no shortage of “expectation vs. reality” memes on social media, which have given all of us a few laughs over the last nine months. But this year has really highlighted how resilient and agile our company culture is. It’s shown that in unexpected moments of crisis, we are indeed all in this together, no matter where we are.

This year, we brought our annual Global Summit to our audience virtually for the first time ever. Given the absence of travel and registration costs, our goal was to double the number of registrations to Virtual Summit. We had over 4x more people register for Virtual Summit 2020 as our in-person event. It was a huge success by every measure! Whether you’re planning a live or virtual event, the workload varies in some ways, but weighs the same. We knew the quality of the presentations and selection of keynote speakers our past events were known for had to be impeccable. And with the focus on digital in 2020, we ramped up our social media efforts – organic and paid – to generate as much awareness and buzz possible. In other words, we gave it our all. And when you do that, no matter what it is, you’re guaranteed success.

What’s one marketing principle that you go back to regularly in your marketing efforts?

This year has presented opportunities and ways of reaching people virtually, but as all marketers know, you need some creativity to get someone’s attention. People are burned out by webinars and screen time!

One marketing principle I go back to is being genuine, knowing your audience and brand, and not forcing something that feels unnatural for the sake of marketing. At the end of the day, we are human and gravitate towards one another when we feel connected in a meaningful way.

One of the most memorable presentations during Virtual Summit 2020 was Don Woodlock’s keynote. Don – the head of healthcare solutions for InterSystems – talked about the crucial role of data, in particular clean, healthy data, in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. At the end of his keynote, Don walked over to another set, where he picked up his guitar. He talked about how there’s nothing you can do with a badly tuned instrument no matter how great of a musician you are. You first have to tune it. And that’s how he thinks about unorganized healthcare data that’s stuck in silos. You first have to clean it and make it healthy (hence the term “healthy data”) to empower physicians, patients, and caregivers with the data they need to do what they do best. Don is a musician, so that was an authentic and meaningful way to connect with his audience and to deliver his message. He stole the show!

How has social media been impacted by COVID for good and bad?  Where do you see social media marketing opportunities? What is one area of healthcare marketing you’ll be focusing on in 2021 and why?

There’s no doubt, the pandemic and the shift to remote work has accelerated digital efforts across industries and functions. Social media marketing is now at the forefront of conversations, rather than an afterthought. Some of the earlier cynics are now supporters and see the potential and opportunities for business. Couple that with the new tools and functionalities that social media platforms are adding to the mix to accommodate the surge in virtual interactions, and there’s a whole new world that’s here to stay for a long time. Marketers, buckle up!

Social media content and engagement will be a big focus for us across industries in 2021. Beyond brand awareness, it’s a big part of extending communication beyond face-to-face and email and to deepen our relationships with new/existing customers and partners.

What’s the most compelling social media marketing campaign you’ve ever seen (healthcare or otherwise)?  Why did you like it?

Hands down, the Oreo “You can still dunk in the dark” tweet from 2013 Super Bowl when all the power went out. It was pure genius – so short, sweet, and timely.

What can the HITMC community do to help you and InterSystems?

The HITMC community is such a special, inclusive, and supportive group of people. I am so fortunate to call many of them my friends. Honestly, just being a part of that has helped me in so many ways personally and professionally.

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