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WebPT: How Specialization and Autonomy Was Key to Winning Marketing Team of the Year

Can we get a drum roll, please?! Why you ask? Well if you haven’t heard, last week we launched our 2021 Medigy HITMC Awards.

And leading up to nomination deadline of March 26th, 2021, we will be highlighting some of our winners from last year. So remember to keep your eyes peeled to see some of the most celebrated work from last year and what last year’s winners had to say about being recognized.

In this article, we are featuring the winner of the 2020 Marketing Team of the Year. This award recognizes the Marketing Team that has achieved outstanding results, worked cohesively together, collaborated well with other departments and produced stand-out content, campaigns and programs.

We sat down with the team over at WebPT who took home this honor last year, to learn a little bit more about what winning meant to them, what is takes to be a high-performing marketing team and what’s next for WebPT.

What did winning the 2020 HITMC Award for Marketing Team of the Year mean for WebPT? How did the team react?

It’s always exciting and validating to win an award, but it was particularly meaningful in 2020. We’re a very close-knit team, and WebPT’s abrupt move to a remote work environment—though absolutely the right call—was really hard on us. But we are incredibly resilient, and we looked at remote work like we do any other challenge: totally resolved to crush it. Though our market was in turmoil, we pivoted our entire marketing strategy to focus on helping our audience weather their own challenges—and we rallied around that. As a result, we were able to continue hitting our lead goals despite everything that was happening—and being publicly recognized for our efforts was just the cherry on top. When we made the announcement, there were a lot of celebratory gifs and virtual high-fives.

What are the characteristics of a high-performing marketing team?

For us, specialization and autonomy are two of the most important ingredients in our success as a team. Each of us has a unique and clearly-defined role that we own 100%. This allows us to move fast and easily replicate projects, campaigns, and strategies that we’ve proven out. Once there is consensus on an idea, there’s no confusion as to who owns what piece—we can simply jump into action. There’s also a lot of trust across the department, which means we’re not wasting time on micromanagement. The other big piece is measurement. Over the years, we have evolved from basing a lot of our decisions and strategies on gut feelings to measuring and testing almost everything we do. This allows us to build on past successes and avoid past pitfalls.

Is there a challenge or project that the WebPT Marketing Team has recently delivered that exemplifies how you work together?

A few months ago, after two years of technical and creative challenges, personnel changes, and multiple iterations, we finally completed a company rebrand and full rebuild of our website. This project required more patience, collaboration, and grit than probably anything else we’ve ever done. And a lot of the work happened during one of the most challenging periods in our company’s history. So, even though we were all distracted by a zillion other things, we had to figure out how to come together and make the final push. The end result is *chef’s kiss*—impactful copy, beautiful imagery, impeccable organization, and technical excellence.

What’s next for the WebPT Marketing Team? What are you focusing on in the next 6 months?

One thing we learned last year is that it’s very stressful to feel like we’re constantly scrambling. It seemed like every month, we were forced to shotgun a slew of last-ditch efforts to make our lead goal. And by the time we recovered from the madness, we had found ourselves in the same position yet again. So this year, one of our primary goals is to create some processes around our lead-driving campaigns and run them on more of a quarterly basis rather than an “oh shoot, we need leads now” timeline. This will alleviate some of the pressure at the end of each month and prevent us from “overusing” our secret weapons to the point that they become ineffective.

What advice would you give to a team that is hoping to win this award?

First and foremost, document your strategies and tactics—and track their results. This includes metrics demonstrating the impact your marketing campaigns are having on sales revenue. The buck doesn’t stop with the demo request. The better you can show how you’re affecting the success of the company as a whole, the more noteworthy your results will be. Additionally, get clear and specific on goals—at both the department and company level. When everyone knows and understands what they’re gunning toward, it’s easier to keep the train on the tracks (i.e., steer away from ideas and initiatives that don’t roll up to an overarching goal). And finally, on that note, hold each other accountable. This may require a culture shift, and it starts with your department leaders. When your directors and managers normalize accountability, everyone else on the team feels comfortable speaking up, too.

With more than 30% market share, WebPT is the leading software platform for outpatient rehab therapy clinics. It provides documentation, scheduling, billing, patient engagement and marketing tools, outcomes tracking, business reporting, and system integrations. WebPT has a 99% retention rate and a 99.99% uptime rate, making it the most trusted and reliable platform in the industry. Launched in 2008, the company has ranked on the Inc. 5000 list of America’s fastest-growing companies eight years in a row.

Interested in nominating someone for the 2021 Medigy HITMC Awards? Visit our awards page to see all of this year’s categories and how you can nominate an organization or individual who did outstanding work last year.

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