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How Can Your Company Tackle Glassdoor from a Marketing Perspective?

The following is a guest blog post by Patty Dickerson.
In the previous post, we looked at how Glassdoor could be impacting your company’s brand and impacting sales. Social media management is time-consuming and tackling another network might not be an immediate priority on your marketing to-do list. However, there are four quick steps you can take to proactively address your company’s brand on Glassdoor.
1. Check that your company’s Glassdoor profile is accurate:
Even if your company has never looked at Glassdoor, if an employee has reviewed your company, there’s a Glassdoor profile for it. Which means, even if Glassdoor isn’t a priority, you should at least make sure your company’s logo and profile information are accurate.  It’s also important to check that the information provided is consistent with your brand messaging.

2. Read your company’s reviews and CEO ratings:
If your company has a Glassdoor profile, it likely has at least one review. Read through the reviews, look for common themes – good and bad. Start to think about who needs to be aware of the reviews. Hold off on responding until you have a thoroughly defined response plan.

3. Engage with your human resources team.
If Glassdoor isn’t already on your human resources team’s radar, I’d be very surprised. Set up some time with them to look over your company’s current profile, reviews, and ratings. Discuss who else needs to become involved, and if there are any big issues, who can help address them.

4. Build out a Glassdoor engagement plan.
Just as engaging with people on Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter requires thought and often a response plan, so does addressing Glassdoor reviews. Who is going to respond? How should he/she respond? When should a review be escalated?  These are some basic questions to consider as you build out your response plan. Responding is very important. As Chestnutt also wrote in his Pulse post, “ companies who choose not to engage are missing out on important opportunities.” For more ideas on how your company can build out a Glassdoor engagement plan, check out this SproutSocial blog post by Jim Conti.

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About Patty Dickerson
With a background in healthcare program management and editing, Patty Dickerson’s passion for content and digital marketing helps keep the HIT companies where she works on the pulse of what’s happening across the healthcare and technology industries. Patty has worked at a range of healthcare tech companies including NaviNet (now part of NantHealth), Curaspan, and MedAptus. Prior to working in healthcare IT, she managed a variety of Continuing Medical Education programs at Boston University School of Medicine. She has a MBA in marketing with a health sector focus from Boston University and BS in psychology and communications from Fordham University, where she was also a member of the NCAA Division I swim team. An active #HITMC and #HealthITChick twitter chat participant, Patty can be found on twitter at @PattyLDickerson or on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/patricialdickerson

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