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Internal vs. External Marketing Teams & Why Marketing Needs a Seat At The Leadership Table

As a healthcare marketer, you likely have many responsibilities on your plate (maybe even too many to count). If you’re like many other marketers in our industry, you may have reached the point where there never seems to be enough hours in a day to get everything done and you’re beginning to think of ways to ACTUALLY clone yourself. Now before you go cloning a “Dolly” version of yourself, there are easier ways to get the help you need.

If you have gotten this point where you’re looking to expand your team, first off – congrats, business must be good! Secondly, you now have the big decision as to whether to hire an in-house team or work with an external agency.

To get a better understand of the options of hiring an internal marketing team, working with an external agency or even a hybrid of both, we sat down with HITMC Community member Claire Pfarr who is the Director of Marketing and PR at Envision Health to discusses marketing staffing – hiring internal versus external and why marketing needs to have a seat at the leadership table.

With 15+ years of experience in professional communications and marketing, Claire brings an undeniably infectious passion to everything she does. Having spent time in roles on both the client and agency side of the fence, Claire has seen it all. “I’ve seen a lot of different models for tackling Marketing and PR, some have worked very well, some have not,” said Claire. She has also seen first-hand what happens when Marketing doesn’t have a seat at the leadership table. “Not only can it risk miscommunication or mismessaging an entire product, but you risk having your entire marketing organization misaligned,” shared Claire. “It’s so important for Marketing to have that seat, not only so leadership know what the heck is going on but also so YOU know what is going on,” stated Claire.

Check out our latest video with Claire as she candidly shares her thoughts on:

  • The pros and cons of hiring internally versus externally when it comes to your healthcare marketing team
  • Why healthcare marketers everywhere need to advocate for a seat at the leadership table
  • How important it is to lean on younger talent to keep up with the best ways of leveraging digital tools





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