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What Winning a HITMC Award Has Meant

We recently announced the opening of nominations for the 2020 HITMC Awards.

If you work at a Health IT Company or a Healthcare provider, the HITMC Awards are the perfect way to bring attention to the great work you have done this past year. Imagine how good it will feel walking into a senior leadership meeting and telling them your website/campaign/team/teammate has been named as an awards finalist.

Now imagine telling them you won.

Equally, if you work at a Marketing Agency that does business in healthcare, the HITMC Awards are a once-a-year opportunity to highlight the outstanding projects you have delivered with your clients. What better way to solidify a relationship than to win an award, together.

Winning a HITMC Award is special – and who better to tell us what it has meant to win that a few of last year’s recipients.

Sarah Bennight, Director of Product Marketing at Stericycle Communication Solutions (2019 Health IT Marketer of the Year)

Winning the HITMC award for Health IT Marketer of the Year was incredibly special to me. I’m big on recognition for team members and believe many times people leave a job it’s because they haven’t been formally recognized. For this community to single me out and say “Sarah, she is a leader in this field, and we want to recognize her for that” meant the world to me. This community is extremely special to me, and now I am forever grateful.

Professionally, I feel the award has made me want to grow more. I have a community that believes in my leadership and expertise in healthcare marketing, but what is my next horizon to share this unique skill with? I have a whole new set of leadership this year that is challenging my ways of thinking, making me stronger, and making me try even harder to grow my skill level and expertise.

Since I won the award last year, I have taken on a new role as Director of Product Marketing. We also divested our commercial and answering services business. Now we are completely healthcare, which is really exciting to me, but warrants another brand DNA check and rearchitecting of messaging and positioning. I’ve been busy with the team and we are excited about this year more than ever.

I’ve learned from experience to never doubt the value that your unique point of view and expertise brings to the Healthcare and IT Marketing Community. Be willing to share and not expect anything in return. I really enjoyed sharing my experience on how to optimize content for marketing/sales funnels at HITMC19. I had no idea that presentation would start a trickle of people reaching out saying they built their whole content strategy around the steps I had outlined. It blew my mind since it seemed so simple in my head. But sometimes we make things more complicated, and that one clear voice helps you make sense of it all. We all have the talent and ability to provide this to each other. At HITMC, just be yourself, be vulnerable, and be amazing!

Stacy Goebel, Director of Social Media and Practice Leader at StudioNorth (2019 Agency Marketer of the Year)

I will never forget the moment when I heard my name called for Agency Marketer of the Year. It was what I imagined winning a Tony Award would be like … a floaty dream out-of-body experience! I was overwhelmed by the honor and felt so much love and pride for the community. I stand today transformed by my experience with the HITMC community; I am a better marketer because of it.

Since April 2019, I’ve been hard at work building our StudioNorth team. We’ve added twenty-one new team members. It’s been a very busy, growing year! Our clients are looking to us for more strategy, paid media, video, design, content, event experiences, analytics and of course social media. It’s an exciting time here in Chicago!

If you are thinking about entering work into the HITMC Awards, do it! Don’t think you don’t have a chance! It’s not about that. We love hearing about and celebrating the good work everyone does. Be proud! Take a moment to remember and celebrate for yourself. Then share that with the community. We’re cheering you on all the way!

Lea Chatham MCann, Director of Content Marketing at Solutionreach (2019 Health IT Marketing/PR Team of the Year)

Winning the 2019 HITMC award was so exciting for me and the entire marketing team at Solutionreach. In my application I mentioned that the work we do is largely boots on the ground hard work using best practices. Nose to the grindstone kind of stuff. I think winning really inspired us to keep at it because we knew that we could do the hard work and see great results even with a small team and limited budget. You don’t have to have huge amounts of money or tons of people to get those killer KPIs.

Since winning, we eclipsed 20,000 subscribers on the blog we launch just three years ago. We continue to see steady growth in organic traffic with over 30 percent of blog and web visits coming from organic. And, we steadily have about 20 Google snippets at any given time. We had about 3,000 CTA clicks in our blog each quarter in 2019. Those are measurable results that came almost entirely from testing and constantly working on our SEO and content.

There is really nothing better than being recognized and rewarded for the quality of your hard work.

Christine Slocumb, President at Clarity Quest Marketing (2019 Agency of the Year)

Winning HITMC’s 2019 Agency of the Year was a game changer for our organization. The industry highly regards the opinions and ethics of HITMC’s leadership and membership, so we gained instant credibility. Even prospects outside of Health IT, such as medical device and biotech, were impressed by the award after checking out the HITMC website.

Due to growth we experienced after the award, we had to hire additional team members.  Being able to share the award made it easier to attract top-notch talent in a very tight job market.  We recently hired Melanie Hilliard – a HITMC member!

When I founded Clarity Quest 19 years ago, my number one objective was to create a work environment in which our team members could grow, feel excited to learn every day, and be respected. My philosophy is happy and growing employees leads to successful client engagements!

Our team works very hard and I was thrilled that they were recognized by an organization they so highly regarded. Now there was a chorus of their peers and clients, and not just me saying “You are amazing!”

Our clients were just as excited as our team that we won, which was super gratifying.

Winning the award helped us move into more substantial engagements with larger clients in Health IT, biotech and medical device.  We can be more discerning in finding companies that are the “right fit” for both our clients and our agency.

2020 HITMC Award Nominations Open

Nominations for the 2020 HITMC Awards are now open. There is no fee to make a submission and there are categories for individuals, agencies, health IT companies and healthcare providers. Don’t miss this opportunity to highlight great healthcare marketing/PR/communications work!

Make a nomination today!

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