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Virtual HITMC20 Day 2 Wrap-Up

If you happened to miss it. Last week we hosted Day 2 of our Virtual HITMC – Part Deux event. It was so nice to get-together virtually with the members of the HITMC Community (sigh – does anyone else miss get-togethers?). The HITMC Community always has such great experience and insights to share which makes it hard to choose what to include in this wrap up. But we’ve done our best to include the best highlights from last week’s sessions below. Enjoy!

Into the Unknown: Targeted Marketing Amidst COVID
Sarah Bennight of Stericycle Communication Solutions took us in a realm we all strive to be in – how to get leads flowing again amidst COVID.  She explained the best way to approach your ever-changing marketing strategy during a pandemic is to be hyper-targeted in your marketing and REMEMBER “Not everyone is your customer.”  Her closing comments are some wise words to live by as we head into 2021: be agile, be innoavative, be data-driven, be targeted and be brave!

Market Takedowns – A Focused Strategy for Winning Share
Up next was Eric Meerschaert from Studio North who introduced us to a concept from WWII called Beachhead – a small border area that becomes a stronghold from which to advance into the enemy territory. He explained that if you treat target markets like beachheads they are small enough for you to take meaningful share and big enough for that share to matter.  Eric shared that the best way to be successful in this winning share strategy is to go beyond personas. Focus on a group of buyers (a group of humans), who have common needs and common buying characterisitcs. Then drill down into the details of each market.

Post-Session Panel
Two HITMC Community experts Alaina Lamphear and Burt Rosen joined our very own Colin Hung and John Lynn in an educational post-session discussion that covered tips for adopting an ABM strategy, resetting after failed market segments and the importance of organizing your TOFU, MOFU and BOFU content during segmentation. Closing thoughts for the panel was this: “it’s ok to fail, but when you fail…fail forward.”

Unconference Sessions
We held 4 separate Unconference sessions that all focused on a different topic including Speaking Engagements and Virtual Events, Press Releases, Marketing Automation and Podcasting/Internet Radio/Audio.   If you haven’t attended an Unconference, be sure to attend the next set of sessions on Day 3 of Virtual HITMC20.  They are a great judgement-free way to learn and share from your peers in an unscripted forum. We couldn’t help but share a few photos from a few of the sessions last week.

Adapting Content and Lead Generation Strategies to Match the Times
Our friends Kayla Zamary and Aaron Clifford from Binary Fountain showed us how they stretched the limits of their digital marketing resources to reprioritize their lead generation efforts as the healthcare industry necessitated innovation.

They taught us that although we may be growing tired of #COVID19, healthcare audiences are still living with it everyday and still need information on how to navigate it.  They were able to elminate uncertainty with the right mix of empathy, customer-centric content, technology and problem solving in their marketing leading to high quality leads and a reliable revenue stream.

A PR Success Story: Capitalizing on the Telehealth Boom During COVID-19
Lindsay Sharifipour from Amwell and Nicole Brooks from Innsena Communications were up next to discuss the role of PR while navigating the telehealth boom. During the spring of 2020, many patients did not feel safe leaving their home to visit the doctor’s office.  This led to a significant boom in telehealth.  Amwell specifically saw an increase of 10 times from April 2019 to April 2020.

Lindsay and Nicole shared what their objectives were as they began to pivot their current strategy towards being the go-to experts for telehealth in the industry. One of Amwell’s main objectives was to not become ambulance chasers but to become a thought-leader in telehealth and to make sure they were driving appropriate and safe use of telehealth to their consumers.  You can see a brief clip of the strategy they took to successfully get to this point below.

Post-Session Panel #2
The final panel discussion had one big focus which was how to get your client’s attention in such a noisy and uncertain time.

Panelists Colleen Barry, Alicia Allen, Darci Hunt, and John Lynn (moderator) shared their tips which ranged from ABM tactics to one-to-one events to working collaboratively with the sales team. The session couldn’t end without highlighting the fact that this year has been tough for everyone. It’s been important to focus on retention above everything else to ensure the customers you do have are staying loyal.

VR Networking Party
Of course what is a HITMC gathering without the beach, music and selfies? Check out all the fun below:

Be sure to join us for Day 3 of Virtual HITMC20 – Part Deux happening December 2nd, 12-3:30pm ET. Register here (free for those who were registered to attend HITMC20 in-person). We’ll be covering Vaccine Distribution Efforts, The Future of Healthcare Provider Marketing, Engage Employees, and Driving Successful Online Search Efforts. See the full agenda.

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