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HITMC 2019: What will be your “moments that matter?”

The following is a guest post by Stacy Goebel, Director of Social Marketing, StudioNorth

What do Southwest Airlines and the Amelia Island Ritz-Carlton have in common? They’ve both created insane customer loyalty by exploiting the power of moments.

You know all about Southwest, even if you fly other airlines. They’re the ones who make your experience carefree and fun, with no baggage fees and wise-cracking flight attendants.

The Ritz-Carlton created a more unique, more personal moment for an individual guest when, instead of merely returning a young boy’s forgotten stuffed giraffe, they created an entire photo album of “Joshie” lounging poolside, playing golf and even getting a massage (with tiny cucumber slices over his eyes).

Those are the kinds of moments detailed in The Power of Moments, by Chip and Dan Heath—a book we found so inspiring, we decided to sponsor Dan Heath as the keynote speaker for HITMC19.

Why “moments that matter” matter

Few marketers—in healthcare IT or any other field—have the resources to connect with all their potential audiences all the time.

That’s why it’s so important to not just target our messages, but to pinpoint the circumstances when and where they will have the most impact. When the message and the circumstances intersect, that’s a moment that matters.

This is not a passive process, by the way. In fact, one of our chief goals at StudioNorth is to work with clients to create these moments for their current customers and prospects. Like a funny flight attendant or a free, hand-delivered popsicle, these moments stick with people to reinforce a brand message more powerfully than almost any other marketing communication.

The moments we create are emotional experiences because, even in healthcare IT, every purchase is ultimately an emotional one.

Creating moments that matter at HITMC 2019

You probably have favorite moments you recall from past HITMCs and other events. Our goal at HITMC 2019 is to create more of them—and to explore the art and science of creating moments that matter for healthcare IT audiences:

  • Thursday’s aforementioned keynote from Dan Heath, to be followed by a Q & A session moderated by our Executive Director, Account Strategy Eric Meerschaert.
  • We’ll also have signed copies of The Power of Moments at our booth.
  • Speaking of our booth, we’ll also have a cool way for you to share mini-moments with other attendees (and the whole Twitterverse).
  • Finally, our VP, Creative and Engagement Shannon Lee will share her “magic sauce” for creating moments that matter during her Friday afternoon session.

As always, some of our favorite HITMC moments will come from connecting with friends, old and new, from the worldwide health IT marketing community. You are our people!

We can’t wait to connect with everyone and create moments that matter at HITMC 2019. Come visit our table, or email me to schedule a meeting!

About the Author

Stacy has the best job in the world – having ideas for a living! As Social Marketing Director for StudioNorth, she helps clients design & implement memorable social media programs that integrate into omni-channel marketing experiences. With innovative approaches and genuine creativity, Stacy and her team deliver measurable results that help clients reach and engage customers in their target markets.

She has been a part of the HITMC community from the beginning and has been a speaker every year. Some memorable sessions include: Using Humor in Healthcare Marketing, Events! They’re All Fun & Games, and How to Live Your Life Like the Best Story Ever. She loves to welcome new people into the HITMC family. If you’re new this year, please say hi!

StudioNorth is a HITMC19 Sponsor. 

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