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COVID Vaccine Distribution, Hamilton, Search Tips & The Future of Healthcare Provider Marketing

It has been quite the year for healthcare workers.  For healthcare provider organizations it’s been a tough one too.  From trying to keep their head’s above water, to new regulations, to keeping employees and patients safe, it’s been one for the books. Which is why last week, we hosted and entire Day of Virtual HITMC20 dedicated to all the current aspects of Healthcare Provider Marketing.

We had a lively bunch who shared some amazing experiences and insights during the half-day event. If you happened to miss it, we recapped some of the highlights below. Enjoy!

The Geography of the SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine Distribution Effort and How Marketing Data Can Support It
Up first on Day 3 of Virtual HITMC20 Part-Deux was Estella Geraghty from Esri who led us through a very fascinating presentation about how a geographic information system platform that provides location intelligence like ArcGIS will be helpful to support the upcoming SARS-CoV-2 vaccination campaign. One of the biggest take-aways from the session was just how important data is. Because as Estella said, “Without data, you are just another person with an opinion.” We’ve highlighted 3 of her top points below:

Estella first mapped out the different layers of data needed to really enable a “location intelligence” for an effective distribution. It’s not just about GPS data. You must enrich your view of the population.

She then walked us through the 5 key tasks supported by Location Intelligence (GIS) that are needed for the COVID-19 vaccine distribution. As rollout plans for the vaccine continue all over the world, it will be interesting to see what approach governments will take and if they will implement any of these steps.

Estella also shared how important it is for healthcare marketers to use geo-targeted messages for their communications especially regarding the COVID-19 vaccines and other Population Health information.

The Future of Healthcare Provider Marketing
COVID-19 accelerated so many things in healthcare. The dynamic duo of Dan Dunlop and Jared Johnson led us through the next session which shared 5 key things healthcare provider organizations need to consider as they venture into 2021 amidst the pandemic. You can take a look at them below:

  1. Keeping healthcare inequalities and social disparities in the spotlight – It’s important to continue to shed light upon the long-standing health inequalities that exist.
  2. Understand the nuance of your telehealth experience – People aren’t searching for a “telehealth visit.” They’re looking for a specific type of care. It’s important to focus on what your customer needs, not what you sell.
  3. Walk the walk with your brand marketing – Brand is as important as it ever was! Continue to build equity and relationships so you’re ready for anything especially for when a crisis hits. ou need to walk with your brand marketing” If there is a gap between the image you say and how you act, then you’ve created your own trust gap and people will pick up on that.
  4. Build long-term trust in your health content through consistency – Don’t BS your employees or the public. Make sure how you represent your brand is grounded in reality. Craft messaging and campaigns that are genuine, because people can smell phony from a mile away.
  5. Put substance in your employee appreciation campaigns – The fastest way to deflate your staff is by paying in lip service. It’s crucial to be geniuine when it come to appreciating or publicly thanking your “heroes”

Internal Comm-edy: How to Infuse Humor to Engage Employees
Lisa Henry from Mary Washington Healthcare in Fredericksburg, Virginia brought the fun by sharing her company’s creative approach to highlighting and communicating their Epic EHR launch. Set to Hamilton’s “Right Hand Man,” this parody video perfectly highlighted how healthcare organizations can feel out-manned, out-numbered, and out-planed during an EHR launch. Check out the entire video for a truly captivating video from a team with a great range of talent. 

Unconference Sessions;
We held 2 separate Unconference sessions that focused on two important aspects of Healthcare Provider Marketing:

  • Health System Recovery in a Pandemic World
  • How to Effectively Engage Patients in a Distracted World

Both groups had engaging conversations but one key point that hit home was the topic of distactions. It seems that many of us are more distracted than ever during this pandemic. And distractions aren’t just happening from a digital perspective. There are also retail health disruptors and other healthcare delivery processes that cause confusion.  During this challenging time, it’s ever-important to educate, communicate and be extremely clear with patients.

Search Made Simple – Tips and Tricks For Driving Successful Results.
Wrapping up the day was was a panel discussion with Joel CessnaCarla BryantTeri Sun, and Stephanie Pierce. In this session, we learned how Arkansas Children’s Hospital worked with their partners to drive superior Paid and Organic search results by giving their strategy a thorough overhaul.

The panel led us through their revamp which started first by understanding how search fit into their patient journey. They then had to educate their own internal staff to allow them to truly understand the power of different types of searches and the results they can bring. Once everyone was on board, they set forth on a complete SEO optimization of their website in order to capitalize on audiences searching for care.

One of the most interesting stats from their presentations was that fact that search has remained steady during COVID-19.  In fact, numbers show that healthcare provider organizations who didn’t abandon or pause their search strategies or campaigns during the crisis greatly benefited.


VR Networking Party
Of course we wrapped with a VR Networking party which was full of old friends, new friends, and karaoke!

Be sure to join us for last day of Virtual HITMC20 on December 17th from 12-3:30pm ET. Register here (free for those who were registered to attend HITMC20 in-person). We’ll be covering Content Marketing,  Marketing and PR Strategy, Marketing During COVID-19’s Second Wave and more! See the full agenda.

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