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2020 HITMC Award Nominations Now Open

HITMC Award Nomination Form

HITMC Award Nomination Fields (Text Version of the form, so you can prepare answers)

Healthcare is tough on marketing, PR and communication professionals. There are regulations to navigate, restrictions on what can/can’t be said publicly, and lots of competition for your audience’s attention. It’s an accomplishment just to get something out the door in healthcare – seriously.

Your peers in the Healthcare and IT Marketing Community (HITMC), understand how challenging the healthcare environment can be. We know the effort it takes to see a project through to completion. We’ve all endured the never-ending design meetings, strategy sessions, and change request review panels. We felt the same sense of elation/relief when the project launches successfully. 

Your hard work deserves recognition!

That’s why we are so excited to launch the 2020 HITMC Awards. The Awards are an amazing way to celebrate the most talented healthcare marketing and PR professionals, the programs they’ve created, and the organizations that they work for in 2019. 

  • Is your new website driving a high degree  of engagement or generating a lot of leads?
  • Did your team or your agency knock it out of the park last year? 
  • Were you involved with a campaign that over-achieved its goals AND blew people away with it’s visuals?  
  • Did you create a video or podcast that everyone is talking about? 
  • Do you work with a colleague who was truly exceptional in 2019? 

If so, you should consider submitting an entry for one (or more) of the HITMC Awards.

This year, we have added a few new categories, including Best Video of the Year and Blog of the Year. Check out the full list of the award categories below:

Health IT Company Provider Organization Agency Individual
Tradeshow Theme/Campaign of the Year
Website of the Year
Social Media use or campaign of the Year
Podcast of the Year
Video of the Year *NEW*
Blog of the Year *NEW*
Campaign of the Year
Marketing/PR/Comm Team of the Year
Marketing/PR Person of the Year
Rising Star (less than 2yrs in healthcare) *NEW*
Agency of the Year – Health IT
Agency of the Year – Provider
Best New Healthcare Agency (less than 2yrs old) *NEW*
Health IT Advocate of the Year *NEW*
Patient Advocate of the Year

Award Descriptions

Tradeshow Theme/Campaign of the Year – for the best pre-, during, and post- conference marketing campaign for a Health IT Company. Booth designs can be included but are not required to qualify for this award.

Website of the Year – for the best website built or redesigned in 2019.

Social Media use or campaign of the Year – for the best use of social media (any platform) as part of a marketing, communication, sales or educational campaign.

Podcast of the Year – for the best podcast hosted by a Health IT Company, a Healthcare Provider or an individual (unaffiliated with either a Company or Provider). Podcasts can be produced by anyone, must have at least 6 episodes in 2019 and must be affiliated with either a Health IT Company or Provider to qualify for those two categories.

Video of the Year – for the best use of video in 2019. Does not have to be part of an overall campaign, the video can be stand-alone. Videos can be promotional, educational or inspirational. Individuals must not be affiliated with either a Company or Provider.

Blog of the Year – for the best overall blog with at least 6 posts in 2019. This award is not for a single blog post but rather the blog in its entirety (topic, writing quality, regularity, value to the reader).

Campaign of the Year – for the best marketing, PR, communications or educational campaign in 2019. It does not matter what the campaign was seeking to motivate (ie: book a demo, visit a booth, improve your health, etc).

Marketing/PR/Comm Team of the Year – is awarded to the team within a Health IT Company and Healthcare Provider that produced the most outstanding campaigns and results in 2019.

Marketing/PR Person of the Year – celebrates an individual who displayed outstanding marketing, PR or communications acumen and leadership in 2019.

Rising Star – celebrates an individual who has demonstrated growth, creativity and passion for healthcare marketing, PR and/or communications AND who has been in healthcare for less than 2 years.

Agency of the Year (Health IT) – recognizes the marketing, PR or communications agency that achieved outstanding success for its Health IT (software, hardware, IT services) clients in 2019.

Agency of the Year (Healthcare Provider) – recognizes the marketing, PR or communications agency that achieved outstanding success for its Healthcare Provider (hospitals, health systems, practices) clients in 2019.

Best New Healthcare Agency – is awarded to the marketing, PR or communications agency that has more than 60% of its clients in healthcare (Health IT Companies and/or Providers) AND that was started in 2018 or later.

Health IT Advocate of the Year – celebrates the individual that has given to the Health IT community, through work or volunteering and contributes meaningfully to the improvement of healthcare through the use of technology.

Patient Advocate of the Year – This award honors an individual that has worked to improve the care of, rights of, treatment of, awareness of and/or health of patients. The award is open to any individual, no matter where they work or the organizations they are affiliated with.

Making a Nomination is Easy!

Want to know the best part? IT’S FREE TO ENTER!

That’s right, there is no cost to submit an entry for the HITMC Awards. We see these awards as a celebration of our community, so we just wouldn’t feel right charging a fee.  Feel free to nominate as many programs/people/companies as you wish. And don’t forget, you can also nominate your own work 😉

To enter, just fill out this form: HITMC Awards Nomination Form

Nominations close February 28th at midnight.

The Awards Committee will review each submission and may reach out for additional information if needed. The finalists in each category will be announced in early March. The awards will be handed out at the 2020 HITMC Conference – May 12-14, 2020 at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas.

We can’t wait to see all of your submissions! 

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