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Watch the New #HITMCUnicorn Tag During #HIMSS20

We’re always trying to find unique and fun ways to bring the Healthcare and IT Marketing Community (HITMC) together. This is especially true at the annual HIMSS mega conference (happening next week in Orlando). We know that many in the community don’t get a chance to go to this conference and those that do, are often stuck in their booth or in back-to-back meetings with their executives.

The Healthcare Scene Team is also very busy at HIMSS20 – check out some of the things we’ll be doing at the conference.

Because we’re all so busy, we thought it would be fun to invite a few members of the Community to be ambassadors at HIMSS20 – to be the eyes and ears of HITMC. We’re going to give each of these HITMC ambassadors a pink unicorn to carry around with them at HIMSS20. As they come across something unique, creative, innovative, interesting, or effective, we’ve asked them to take a picture of it with the pink unicorn and then share it on Twitter with the hashtags #HITMCUnicorn and #HIMSS20.

That’s right, if you check out the #HITMCUnicorn hashtag on Twitter the week of HIMSS20, you’ll get a front row seat to some of the most innovative and interesting healthcare marketing and health IT efforts. After HIMSS20, we will share a summary of all of these tweets on, so stay tuned!

We sent out an open invite to the #HITMC community on Twitter to see who might want to participate and we got an overwhelming response (thank you everyone!). Unfortunately, our supply of pink unicorns was limited, so we had to narrow down our special team of unicorns to just 15 HITMC community members. A big thank you to each of the following HITMC Ambassadors who will be sharing all the #HITMCUnicorns they find at #HIMSS20.

We’re looking forward to watching the #HITMCUnicorn hashtag and seeing all the creative work marketers are doing at #HIMSS20.

If you want to see more great healthcare marketing content, case studies, tools, and techniques, be sure to join the HITMC community at the 2020 Healthcare and IT Marketing Conference, May 12-14, 2020 in Las Vegas.

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John Lynn is the Editor and Founder of the nationally renowned blog network The Healthcare Scene network currently consists of 15 blogs containing almost 7000 articles. These EMR and Healthcare IT related articles have been viewed over 13 million times. Plus, Healthcare Scene recently added Health IT focused career resources and to the network.
John also co-founded two companies: and Plus, John is the Founder of 10 other blogs including the Pure TV Network and Vegas Startups. John’s 25+ blogs have published over 15,000 blog posts, garnered over 30 million views and had over 122,000 comments. John is highly involved in social media, and in addition to his blogs can be found on Twitter: @techguy and @ehrandhit and LinkedIn.

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