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Long Live the #HITMCUnicorn

It seems like the HITMC community was just as excited as we were by the idea of the #HITMCUnicorn that we planned to introduce at the #HIMSS20 annual conference.  Unfortunately, the coronavirus had other plans and HIMSS to be cancelled. Thus, our original #HITMCUnicorn plans had to be shevled.

We suspect that the cancellation of HIMSS20 was disappointing (and a bit frustrating) for many in the HITMC community who had worked for months to prepare for the big event. We feel your pain.

But we’re not about to let a conference cancellation keep the unicorn down…

We invite everyone in the HITMC community to hop on Twitter and share what you had planned for the HIMSS20 Annual conference using the hashtag #HITMCUnicorn.  Share your booth designs and your giveways. Let us know what unique approaches you were taking to sessions, booth talks, or other events at #HIMSS20. What did your handouts look like? Channel your inner fashion model and show off the booth attire you had planned. What did you have planned for your HIMSS party…errr…networking event?

While we can’t make up for the cancellation, let’s at least share all the work the HITMC community did so we can be inspired by each other’s efforts.

Feel free to share as you see fit, but we’d suggest turning this into a tweetstorm. Start sharing with one tweet and then click the Reply and Add tweet button as you share everything you’d planned for the HIMSS conference. Be sure to include the hashtag #HITMCUnicorn in every tweet so everyone in the community can see all your great work.

Once you share your own, hop on and see what everyone else in the HITMC community is sharing on the #HITMCUnicorn hashtag. We can’t wait to see everything you had planned. Plus, depending on how many people we have participate, we’ll find a way to feature some of the ideas in an article here on as well.

Long live the #HITMCUnicorn!

(And a big thanks to all the HITMC ambassadors that were willing to help us but never got the chance)

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John Lynn is the Editor and Founder of the nationally renowned blog network The Healthcare Scene network currently consists of 15 blogs containing almost 7000 articles. These EMR and Healthcare IT related articles have been viewed over 13 million times. Plus, Healthcare Scene recently added Health IT focused career resources and to the network.
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