The Modern Era of Advertising: Persuading Your Audience With Engaging Ads

When you think of advertising, what comes to mind? Do you think of banner ads on your favorite website? How about the catchy ads on your favorite podcast? Maybe it’s the elaborate $5.6 million dollar Super Bowl commercials that air each year during the big game?

But what about advertising in the healthcare and B2B markets? Are we even playing on the same field? It seems a little harder to nail down. That’s because B2B marketers use advertising for different reasons. Not only for audience reach, but also to influence potential decision makers, raise brand awareness and to become thought leaders in the space.

So what is effective? What can set you apart from your competitors in 2020? Join us for our next HITMC Twitter chat – Tuesday February 11th at noon ET (for your local time click here), as we discuss advertising and persuading your audience:

  • T1  What type of advertising works best on you? TV ads? Banner ads? Google ads? Podcast ads?
  • T2  Which type of advertising has been most effective for your organization in terms of leads or revenue generated?
  • T3  In your opinion, what makes for effective ad copy? Highlighting benefits? Exposing fears?
  • T4  Aside from online/social media advertising, what other important advertising tactics should we be using in 2020?
  • T5  What are some common mistakes to avoid when building an advertising strategy?
  • BONUS  What click-bait ad have you actually clicked on? Don’t worry, we’ve all done it.

Featured Image Credit: Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash




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