Swipe Right on Marketing Automation: How to Boost your Lead Gen by Selecting the Right System

Marketing Automation (MA) refers to software platforms and technologies that help teams automate repetitive tasks, align sales and marketing activities across channels, and access lead data from a single source.

When implemented effectively, your team will have a more complete picture of what messages and channels result in the best leads. MA systems not only help marketers work more efficiently, but they also make personalization at scale possible.

This month’s #HITMC guest host – Clarity Quest has years of experience helping clients select and integrate marketing automation systems to generate high-quality leads and increase conversions.

Join the next #HITMC monthly Tweet chat on Tuesday July 14th at noon ET (9am PT) to discuss how to evaluate MA systems and select the one that is right for your organization.


Align your marketing automation strategy with your goals

Don’t commit to a MA system until you commit to a marketing automation strategy.

Part of selecting the right MA system is understanding how it will help your organization exceed its business objectives.

Health IT marketers are operating in a crowded space and competing against each other for the attention of a select few decision-makers. The right marketing automation system could be the competitive advantage your organization needs to get in front of those key decision-makers before your competition does.

The right MA system can also aid in aligning your sales and marketing teams by connecting the dots between what marketing does and the leads that convert into new customers.

Don’t forget content is still king (or queen)

One of the primary benefits of a marketing automation system is a better understanding of what messages are resonating with your target audience.

Sending more emails isn’t the point. It’s the elusive right message at the right time that you’re chasing.

The right MA system allows you to set up automated workflows to deliver personalized content and nurture leads.

Let’s talk marketing automation

Join us for the next #HITMC monthly Tweet chat on July 14th at 12pm ET (for your local time click here) as we discuss:

  • T1. Is marketing automation an integral part of your organization? If so why?
  • T2. How does marketing automation help you generate the most leads?
  • T3. What should a company look for when selecting (or switching to) a new marketing automation system?
  • T4. How can marketing automation be used to solve some of health IT’s unique marketing challenges?
  • T5. List some underutilized features that more companies should take advantage of in their marketing automation system.

Bonus: You’ve signed a contract for a new marketing automation system, now what?!

About Clarity Quest Marketing

Clarity Quest Marketing combines technology know-how with creativity and business acumen to provide marketing services to technology and healthcare companies across the United States. Founded in 2001, Clarity Quest services companies in the healthcare, medical device, life sciences, software, hardware and technical professional services industries. The agency’s core areas are marketing strategy, online marketing, branding, and outsource marketing. Clarity Quest has offices in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Groton, Connecticut. www.clarityqst.com.

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