PR and Getting Media Coverage at Events – #HITMC Twitter Chat Topics

This month’s #HITMC Twitter chat is hosted by Dennis Dailey from @mobihealthtimes and @PowerPressParty on Tuesday, December 12th at Noon ET (9AM PT). The Power Press Party is a media event that happens the night before #HIMSS18 and brings together 100 members of the media: Journalists (national and industry), Key Analysts, Influencers and Social Media Ambassadors. Check out and click on the image below for more info on the Power Press Party.

As many in the #HITMC community prepare for the massive HIMSS18 conference in Las Vegas, we thought the perfect topic for this chat was to talk about doing PR and getting media coverage at events. For those of you not participating in HIMSS18, you can apply these principles to your favorite events. There are a lot of different strategies to stand out from the crowd at large events like HIMSS18. In this chat, we hope you’ll join us and share what has and hasn’t worked for you and your company.

Please join us Tuesday, December 12th at Noon ET (9AM PT) for the monthly #HITMC TweetChat where we will be discussing the following topics:

T1: What PR strategies work for getting media coverage at conferences? #HITsm #HIMSS18

T2: What PR strategies don’t work at conferences? #HITsm #HIMSS18

T3: What are your pre-event vs on-site strategies? When is too early to start? When is too late? #HITsm #HIMSS18

T4: Which topics should be saved for media at events compared to pitches outside events? How do you handle when you have news vs when you’re building relationships? #HITsm #HIMSS18

T5: Where is the best place to find media at a conference? The Press Room, A Media Event, After Hours Parties, the Exhibit Hall, etc? #HITsm #HIMSS18

Bonus: Which media do you most want to see and get covered by at #HIMSS18 (or insert your favorite events)? #HITsm

Just hop on Twitter and search for #HITMC on Tuesday, December 12th at Noon ET (9AM PT) and you can join in.  We look forward to seeing you online!

Note: HITShow and Power Press Party are sponsors of the 2018 Health IT Marketing and PR Conference.

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