How to Make the Most of the Healthcare IT Marketing and PR Conference – #HITMC Twitter Chat Topics

It’s time for our next Healthcare IT Marketing and PR Community (HITMC) Twitter chat. The chat will be held on Tuesday, April 4, 2017, at Noon ET (9 AM PT) – just ahead of the live conference gathering in Las Vegas, Aril 5 – 7! To participate, use the #HITMC hashtag to follow along on Twitter and add #HITMC to your tweets to add to the conversation.

On this chat, Agency Ten22 will lead the discussion on ways to make the most of HITMC – both at the conference and for those following along virtually. HITMC offers health IT marketing and PR professionals an opportunity for immersion in the HIT marketing tribe. Session offerings at the up-coming conference cover everything from storytelling in content to branding and experiential marketing. As you build your HITMC session “must” list, what are you looking to personally gain from the sessions you attend?

Those of you not attending HITMC in the flesh are encouraged to share your thoughts on the chat as well!  Let us know which sessions and topics interest you most so we can try and live tweet those sessions for you.  There’s always a lot of great content from the conference shared on the #HITMC hashtag so you can participate virtually.

Here are the topics that will serve as the framework for our discussion:

T1. What is the #1 takeaway you hope to gain, learn or accomplish by attending or tuning in to #HITMC?

T2. How do you plan to make the most of your #HITMC experience, in person and/or virtually?

T3. What 2-3 #HITMC sessions or topics of conversation hold the most interest for you?

T4. If you’ve participated in person or online, what is one of your most memorable take-aways from past #HITMC events?

T5. If you’ve attended past #HITMC conferences, meetups or Twitter chats, what helpful advice can you offer to newbies?

BONUS. Bragging Rights: What’s been your greatest marketing success in the past year? #HITMC

We look forward to connecting with you!

The #HITMC Twitter chats happen the 1st Tuesday of every month, so put them on your calendar and join us each month. Here’s a look at the upcoming schedule of Healthcare IT Marketing and PR Community Twitter Chats:
5/2 – TBD
Hosted by Studio North

6/6 – TBD

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  • Hoe cool it would be to let people not attending this event next week to be able to view and interact at a few scheduled times?

    Submit questions, hear what’s being shared, etc?

    I think the ‘How’ of balancing the cost and value of that should not be so difficult.

  • for what it’s worth, for our What’s the Fix? conference we are using a platform called BrandLive to stream the event. Offers some level of social integration too.

    • Yeah, and BrandLive is an enterprise solution that takes quite a bit of upfront work to get going – at least in terms of pricing and licensing. I have a little exposure to this product. No doubt it’s great but certainly there’s a certain budget require…or you’d have to be a HOT company like the one Bert works for to get Brandlive to show you some brand love and work with you. IMO of course. 🙂

  • Please consider some ideas @Jimmie_Vanagon and I floated a couple years ago… (of course Blab would have to be replaced, perhaps with Firetalk?)


    We envision a mix of prescheduled Blab and Periscope online streaming sessions. Periscope will be used for solo presentations and plenary keynotes. Blab will be used for panel discussions. While we want to plan ahead and prepare as much great content as possible, we also realize that Periscope and Blab are ideal for spontaneous get togethers. So, at the risk of considerable online social media mayhem, we encourage attendees who are not on the “official” schedule to get bees in their bonnets and ‘scope and blab before, during, and after the conference.

    And of course Twitter will be used for a myriad of things, from conference announcements (“such and such a panel is starting NOW at this URL…”), to audience kibitzing and peanut throwing, to stuff we can’t even imagine at this time. But that’s how Twitter was and is, and how Blab and Periscope are and becoming. We see the First Annual Blab & Periscope Healthcare Online Conference as a means to fan the collective and individual creative flames of a nascent healthcare, health IT, and health live-streaming social media community.




The Healthcare and IT Marketing Community (HITMC) is an extension of the HITMC conference that is the first of its kind event that brings together marketing and PR professionals from throughout the health care community. We strive to provide amazing marketing and PR related content that helps HealthIT companies and healthcare organizations  stand out amidst all the noise of the industry. If you’re looking to market to hospital executives, doctors, practice managers, patients, or other healthcare professionals, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to the HITMC community!