HITMC Chat Summary- The Secrets to a Foolproof Sales Enablement Strategy

Sales enablement has changed drastically over the years. What used to be a junior role, doing little more than gathering brochures for traveling salespeople has become an important team function for any organization looking to stay ahead of the pack. Every B2B company needs an effective sales enablement strategy to ensure sales teams have everything they need to succeed.

With that in mind, this past week the HITMC Community met to discuss “The Secrets to a Foolproof Sales Enablement Strategy.” Here are the highlights of that online discussion.

T1. What are some of the most successful sales content assets, materials or programs that you have seen/created (e.g. presentation deck, ROI calculator, email templates, etc.)?
What makes a good sales enablement asset? This continues to change with the times. We are seeing assets become more interactive to allow customers to have more freedom, choice and personalized experiences.

T2. What sales enablement strategies have not worked well or that have become tired? (e.g. direct email asking to book at demo)? If If you aren’t convinced of this yet, let say it again a little LOUDER for you. Cold anything is dead. Your tactics need to be strategic personalized interactions to get noticed. Long gone are the days where you can simply say “Book a Demo” and get leads come flooding in.

T3. In your opinion, what is the difference between sales enablement vs general marketing? Is there a distinction?
The consensus from the community on this question was that there is definitely a difference! Sales enablement provides a collection of customized tools, processes, and sales assets that your sales team can use to help them build stronger relationships with clients and convert more customers. General marketing although quite similar takes more of a broader approach.

T4. Who owns sales enablement at your organization? Who SHOULD own sales enablement strategy?
There was a divided response on this question.  Who should own sales enablement can be different for each organization. It’s important to remember it is a collaborative approach and should be placed where it will be the most effective experience for the Sales Team to improve their performance.

T5. What metrics do you use to measure sales enablement success? Do marketing and sales share these KPIs/metrics as it relates to pipeline health?
While marketing and sales may not share all of the same KPIs and metrics it’s important that both teams share the same goals and expectations when it comes to sales enablement success. It’s also crucial to agree upon who is responsible for what and the criteria for lead qualification. It needs to be clear who takes the next step once a prospect reaches a certain phase of their buyer’s journey.


BONUS: Does your organization use any form of automation for your sales enablement tactics?
As we move out of this unpredictable year into 2021, there are two automated technology that will propel your sales enablement tactics to the next level:

  1. AI and Machine Learning – AI is affecting many areas within an organization, including your sales department. Things like chatbots can save your sales team ample amount of time by being able to answer simple questions, trigger follow-up emails and evaluate responses. According to Forbes, AI can help to identify the most promising new leads and quantify how likely prospects are to close on a deal. This gives both Sales and Marketing a leg up on their potential prospects and can bolster the chances of closing more deals.
  2. A modern CRM – If you still haven’t updated your organization’s sales tools, you are already falling behind. A modern CRM captures and stores everything your prospects do, giving your reps all of the data they need even before they reach out to a lead. If you aren’t collecting this data or are wasting time manually analyzing and reporting it, your competitors definitely scooping up yours sales.

Browse all of the great tips and insights in our HITMC chat transcript.

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