HITMC Chat Summary – The Modern Era of Advertising: Persuading Your Audience With Engaging Ads

Did you miss our #HITMC twitter chat last week…don’t worry we will forgive you 😉 But we did put together this great little summary for you with all of the great highlights from the chat.

This month, we were discussing “The Modern Era of Advertising: Persuading Your Audience With Engaging Ads.” We covered everything from influencer ads and podcast advertising to kitten videos and what to avoid when building an advertising strategy.

Check out the summary below to get caught up on what the community was chatting about:

T1 What type of advertising works best on you? TV ads? Banner ads? Google ads? Podcast ads?
Lots of interesting answers for this question. A lot of the community were moved by good old TV ads commercials (which led to a trip down memory lane). Others were wowed by more of a new era of advertising that included influencer ads or re-targeting ads.

T2 Which type of advertising has been most effective for your organization in terms of leads or revenue generated?
Most participants said that search ads and social media ads were most effective from an ROI perspective, especially in the B2B health space. A key factor is for your organization to be able to strategically target. Having a site or social media site that is targeted at a specific niche is quite effective too.

T3 In your opinion, what makes for effective ad copy? Highlighting benefits? Exposing fears?
The answers here were fairly unanimous. Speaking to your targets issue in your advertising copy is what will likely reel them in. Highlight their pain points and provide a solution to these issues.

T4 Aside from online/social media advertising, what other important advertising tactics should we be using in 2020?
A key factor here is to ensure you are finding out where your prospects are and go there! We had some awesome ideas for the other advertising tactics we should be using in 2020.  Here are just a few:

  • Podcast Advertising
  • Snail Mail (It’s retro-cool again..when used properly)
  • Influencer Advertising

T5 What are some common mistakes to avoid when building an advertising strategy?
I think this question garnered the most engagement. As healthcare marketers, we have all had our fair share of mistakes. The community was kind enough to share some of their wisdom. Check it out below:

BONUS What click-bait ad have you actually clicked on? Don’t worry, we’ve all done it.
This was our favorite question. It’s always fun to hear what type of click-bait ads are working on other marketers. It appears like we are baited just like everyone else. The things that worked on us seem to work on the rest of planet too: kitten videos, quizzes, what the stars look like now, and more.

View a copy of the full chat transcript here.




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