HITMC Chat Summary – The COVID-19 Catalyst And The Need for Leaders Who Can Reframe Healthcare

If you joined us last week for our #HITMC tweet chat, you know it was such a great discussion with our guest host Dr. Zeev Neuwirth (@ZeevNeuwirth). He joined us and the community to chat about “The COVID-19 Catalyst And The Need for Leaders Who Can Reframe Healthcare.”

We got to talk through how the current COVID-19 has impacted our day-to-day and how the changes have been nothing like we have seen in generations.  But what was more interesting was our discussion about the impact this has had on healthcare and how it has been truly transformative.

Check out the details of the chat below:

We started off with T1: In what ways are you seeing healthcare delivery being fundamentally transformed and in what changes/transformations do you see lasting for next few years?

The discussion was fairly unanimous in agreeing that the convenience of telehealth and virtual visits that have peaked in popularity during COVID19 will continue to be fundamental in healthcare for the next few years.

We then dove into T2 What are HIT vendors and HIT doing to support providers in addressing and solving these problems/challenges?

The discussion surrounding this topic was all about the trust, compassion, and kindness that providers and organizations are showing as they adjust to solve the challenges of this trying time.  We listed some of the great things that are happening below:

Next we dove into T3: From a marketing mindset perspective, how do you see healthcare consumer needs and expectations changing? How do you see the fundamental branding & value proposition of HC changing? Below are some of the thoughts the community had when it came to changing consumer expectations:

T4 How will your own work and your branding and value proposition change in next few months and years? The interesting part about this next question was that the community agreed that their branding won’t necessarily change at all in the next few month/years. Instead, they now have a laser focus on their overall core values and messaging that goes out to consumers.

We wrapped up the chat with the nice sentiment of: T5 What are some ‘silver-linings’ from this COVID-19 pandemic?

This part of the chat had to be our favourite.  The community listed the many ways that this disruptive pandemic has changed things for the better including:

  • Better relationships
  • Increased unity
  • Less pollution
  • Reduced regulations

Catch up with the entire chat transcript here.




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