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HITMC Chat Summary – Swiping Right on Marketing Automation: Boosting Lead Gen with the Right System

This year has changed a lot for marketers. With in-person events being cancelled, we are all trying our best to think of new and innovative ways of getting in front of our audiences.

To help us do that, now more than ever we are relying on an old friend: our Marketing Automation Tool.  With that in mind, last week, we gathered as a community for the monthly HITMC Tweet chat to discuss: “Swiping Right on Marketing Automation: How to Boost your Lead Gen by Selecting the Right System.”

Below are some of the amazing MA tips discussed by the HITMC Community:

T1. Is marketing automation an integral part of your organization? If so why?
Although we may all still be trying to completely figure out our marketing automation tools, itt was clear from this discussion that if you’re a bigger organization, marketing automation is key.  Most said they couldn’t live without it.  But what if you’re a smaller organization or a startup? The advice from the community was that for companies with smaller teams to still use the benefits that marketing automation provides, but start by looking at some starter options that may be easier on the pocket book.

T2. How does marketing automation help you generate the most leads?
The community had a list of ways of how their MA tools help them generate leads.  This graphic below helped to highlight some of the great activities that can assist with lead generation through marketing automation. But the overall consensus from the community was that “Personlization” was a clear cut way to resonate with your audience and in turn generate more leads.

T3. What should a company look for when selecting (or switching to) a new marketing automation system?
One great piece of advice from this discussion was to first look at building out the requirements you NEED before selecting a tool.  This will help to pinpoint what you truly NEED rather than be awe-struck by some of the fancy tools some marketing automation tools have. Overall, these were the biggest things the HITMC community said to look out for:

  • Integrations
  • Scalability
  • Features
  • Price
  • Interface

T4. How can marketing automation be used to solve some of health IT’s unique marketing challenges?
A marketing automation tool can solve many challenges for an organization. But what specific health IT challenges can it help with? Check out some of the top answers the community shared below:

T5. List some underutilized features that more companies should take advantage of in their marketing automation system.
This is where the real insider information came out. Some of the favorite features that the community uses and thinks should always be taken advantage of is lead scoring, daily dashboards, attribution, and key integrations.

BONUS. You’ve signed a contract for a new marketing automation system, now what?!
Three WORDS: GO LIVE PLAN. Speaking from experience, if you do not have a detailed MA Go Live plan, you are in for a tough road. A well-laid out plan will ensure that all the important milestones are hit and that all of the stakeholders within your company are bought-in and well-informed. This is guaranteed to make the implementation process as smooth as possible.

You can check out the entire transcript here.




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