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HITMC Chat Summary – How to Grow on Twitter (Organic vs. Paid)

If you missed our #HITMC twitter chat last week, you missed a lively one.  Not to worry, we put together this quick summary that covers all the highlights you’ll need.

For this month’s chat, we dove into the topic of how to grow on Twitter – organically versus paid methods. The chat was hosted by KNB Communications who provided thought-provoking questions about growing your audience on Twitter. Their questions and topic generated a lot of discussion.

With 67 percent of all B2B businesses using Twitter as a digital marketing tool and a whopping 145 million daily active users, it should really be a no brainer for health IT companies and healthcare organizations to be active on the tool.  But being active is one thing, growing your followers is another.

The chat summary below helps crack the secret to successfully growing your following on Twitter:

Q1. What are some effective methods to grow health IT Twitter accounts organically?
The community was unanimous on this question. The best way to grow organically on Twitter is to engage and connect on a personal level. No longer are conversations with consumers one-sided. Through social media, it has become a two-way conversation that both sides can actively engage in. Being human, genuine, attentive and consistent are the most effective ways to help you grow organically.

Q2. Is growing organically, without any paid campaigns, feasible for health IT social media?
This was an interesting conversation as many within our community pointed out that sometimes there isn’t the patience for organic-only growth. Executives want quick results which may not be possible relying on growing organically. Many suggested incorporating a good mix of both organic and paid campaigns along with setting the right expectations, hard work, and patience.

Q3. What are some best practices when setting up a paid followers campaign on Twitter?
There were a lot of great best practices for setting up a paid follower campaign including:

  • Making sure to give attention to detail when choosing your specific target audience;
  • Ensuring your content is consistent across both paid and organic activities, and;
  • Evaluating what is working and what’s not so you can implement what’s working best

Q4. What should be avoided when running paid follower campaigns on Twitter?
The HITMC Community was almost united with the answer to this question. Stay away from third-party services, especially those that try to sell maximum followers or come off as spammy. Using these types of services may have the exact opposite effect on your audience (people may STOP following).

Q5. How much should one invest in a follower campaign on Twitter?
The quick answer…it depends. An investment in a follower campaign will really depend on your budget, goals, and growth expectations. KNB noted that an investment as small as a few hundred dollars a month can still make an impact.  Then once you start seeing growth, you can expand your investment as you see fit.

Q6. What are your 2020 follower goals for Twitter?
Followers, followers, and more followers. Almost everyone had goals about increasing their followers on Twitter. One thing to keep in mind is that your follower growth goals should be attainable and realistic. Your goals should also be strategically focused on quality as well as quantity.  What good is having a bunch of followers that will never buy from you? Below are just some of the goals our community had. Looking for a quick follower strategy? It’s easy. Join the monthly #HITMC chats and follow and engage with your community peers. You won’t be sorry!

You can view a copy of the full chat transcript here.

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