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HITMC Chat Summary – Generating Leads During a Time of Uncertainty

This past week the HITMC Community joined forces to discuss a topic that is typically always on marketing and sales professionals minds – Lead Generation.

2020 will go down in history books for many things. It has changed our lives in more ways we know. One big change we have seen as marketers is the way we think about our LeadGen process. To quote something that one of the members of the community said last week “I can’t think of an industry that *hasn’t* had their lead generation disrupted by the pandemic.”

Leads themselves are now behaving differently. Check out the highlights from last week’s HITMC tweet chat where we discussed how we are re-thinking, re-imaging and even re-newing our tactics when it comes to lead generation.

T1. Has lead generation changed since the pandemic has hit? Have you noticed a difference in your LeadGen strategy?

The consensus here is YES! 2020 has provided us with many changes and LeadGen has definitely been impacted. Check out some of the changes the community has been seeing:

T2. Given the fact that events are no longer happening in-person, what LeadGen activities are you doing in place of events?

We are all mourning in-person events (R.I.P.) However, there are plenty of LeadGen tactics that are either filling that gap or providing even better results than events have in the past. Below are some of the activities that the community are relying on:

T3. What LeadGen tactics seem to be performing the best?

Adding on to T2, we asked the community to elaborate on which tactics seem to be working the best. Get our your pen and paper and jot down the LeadGen strategies that are getting the best results:

T4. What type of content is your biggest lead magnet?

What your biggest lead magnet? Things like earned media, thought-leadership content, blog posts, sales drops and product demos seem to be the magnets that are working for the community.

Bonus: Is cold-calling still a good LeadGen method? Is it now considered vintage? Or a tired tactic?

The community was fairly divided on this question.  Some say cold-calling still works, but you need volume and a good script on your side to really excel. Others took a HARD PASS on it all together. See some of the great responses below:

Want to catch up on the full chat? Check out the HITMC Tweet Chat transcript here. 

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