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HITMC Chat Summary – Achieving an Effective Reputation Management Strategy

On December 10th, we hosted our monthly tweetchat along with guest hosts from MERGE on Achieving an Effective Reputation Management Strategy. We had a great turnout and a ton of amazing engagement and insights.

Below is a summary of the chat. Enjoy.

T1 What does reputation management mean to you?

The community was fairly unanimous on this answer. Reputation Management is about being proactive, consistent, and genuine. Ensure you have a plan in place of how to respond to how your brand is conceived (whether good or bad) across all platforms and touchpoints is key.

T2 How do reputation management and crisis communications intertwine? How do they differ?

The key thing pointed out in this discussion was that crisis communications are just a part of your ongoing reputation management strategy. They are a single piece that makes up your entire reputation management puzzle.

T3 What strategies (traditional or online) do you consider foundational to reputation management?

There was a lot of interesting answers from the Community that came up from this question including:

  • Make it part of your mission
  • Be transparent and real
  • Apply scenario planning
  • Be strategic with your messaging framework
  • Strategically engage with your stakeholders

T4 With consumers relying more on online ratings and reviews when it comes to healthcare providers and services, how can organizations thoughtfully leverage this information for positive reputation management?

This question generated some great insights from our Community on how companies can leverage both positive and negative reviews online. Most importantly on how, building relationships, being honest, and actively engaging your online reviews can positively impact your reputation management strategy.

T5 What role does social media play in how organizations establish their own brand credibility today?

No surprise here, everyone agreed that social media plays a huge role in how organizations establish their credibility. It was clear that it is one of the best ways for companies to build connections, be accessible and engage with users. One thing that did stand out in this discussion was how the Community felt about the need to be communicating and building awareness not just social media, but across all channels including PR and the About Us section of the website.

Bonus: What advice do you have for a marketing and communications team establishing a reputation management strategy from the ground up?

We ended off on a great note with some practical advice for anyone trying to establish an effective reputation management strategy:

You can find a full transcript for the chat here.

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