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HITMC Call-in Recap

Last week we hosted our first HITMC Call-In Meetup. Our team wanted to find a new way for the Healthcare and IT Marketing Community to stay connected during this uncertain time when many of us are working from home, social distancing, or busy with other priorities (probably trying to figure out how to homeschool our children). 

Our thought was to use new technology to modernize an old-school format – the venerable call-in radio show.  There is just something so unique and nostalgic about a call-in radio show isn’t there? I remember listening to the CBC call-in radio shows as a kid on Sundays with my dad. It was comforting to connect with people across the country and hear their take on what we were facing as a nation.  

The call last week did not disappoint. It allowed us to connect with the HITMC Community, put some faces to names, and gave us a chance to discuss how each of us are managing through this global pandemic. The greatest outcome of all from this call was that it really highlighted that we truly are not alone during this uncertain time. Many of us are encountering the same challenges, have the same fears, and the same dreams of “what’s to come” once this is all over.  

You can check out all the fun of last week’s call below: 

The next HITMC Call-in Meetup will take place on April 8th.  You can register for it here.

Guidelines for the call are below:

  • When the event starts, the host (John Lynn or myself or both) will open with a short explanation of the topic
  • We’ll then “open the lines” and anyone in the audience can raise their hand (virtually)
  • Our producer, Brittany Quemby (that’s me!), will select someone who has their virtual “hand up” and put them “on air” (meaning your camera and microphone will be activated)
  • The selected person can then make a comment, interact with the host, ask a question or offer a piece of advice
  • The producer will then select another person with their virtual hand up to join the on air conversation
  • The goal is to always have four people on air at a time
  • After a short time, the guest who has been on-air the longest will be returned to listen-only mode and a new person will take their place
  • In order to get as many people on the show as possible, we are going to limit the air time for each person – so please don’t be offended that we cut you off. It’s only because we want to be fair to everyone.

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