Achieving an Effective Reputation Management Strategy

The next #HITMC Monthly chat (Tues Dec 10th at noon ET) will cover Reputation Management and will be hosted by our friends at Merge – @weareMERGE. Read their article below:

Healthcare organizations are tasked with meeting high standards of transparency, openness and trust. Whether good or bad, an organization’s brand and ultimately reputation define what consumers think about and associate with it. A positive, trustworthy reputation is one of the most powerful assets a business can have in earning long-term customer loyalty, while a negative reputation can do serious damage to an organization’s credibility as well as overall success. 

With more power in consumers’ hands than before, brands can be easily tarnished or advanced from a single post, review or testimonial. How can organizations achieve and maintain a strong reputational foundation? Before a crisis situation happens, it’s critical to have a plan in place and a proactive, ongoing reputational management strategy to ensure you’re prepared if and when a negative issue occurs. 

The more you can take steps to proactively manage your brand and reputation—including having an adaptable strategy in place that meets consumers where they are—the more you can positively influence how your organization is perceived and recover from negative situations quickly.

Join us on the next #HITMC monthly chat – Tuesday December 10th at noon ET, 9am PT (for your local time click here) as we discuss the following:

  • T1  What does reputation management mean to you?
  • T2  How do reputation management and crisis communications intertwine? How do they differ? 
  • T3  What strategies (traditional or online) do you consider foundational to reputation management? 
  • T4  With consumers relying more on online ratings and reviews when it comes to healthcare providers and services, how can organizations thoughtfully leverage this information for positive reputation management?
  • T5  What role does social media play in how organizations establish their own brand credibility today? 
  • BONUS  What advice do you have for a marketing and communications team establishing a reputation management strategy from the ground up?

MERGE brings together the energy of strategic communicators, creative thinkers, tech innovators, and digital marketing experts to help solve business challenges and grow revenue. With deep healthcare experience, our team has an uncommon perspective of today’s healthcare environment – challenging what is typical and embracing new opportunities to achieve your initiatives.




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