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On the 9th Day of #HITMCChristmas … Dave Anderson from Anderson Interactive

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On the 9th Day of #HITMCChristmas we’re excited to feature, Dave Anderson, President at Anderson Interactive.

Tell us a little about yourself and Anderson Interactive?

I’ve been on the PR agency side for my whole career, mostly for healthcare and IT companies separately until the two intersected for me about 15 years ago. I started Anderson Interactive 9 years ago and we just added our 8th full time employee last week. From the start, we’ve always wanted to remain a virtual agency. I’ve worked with a lot of brilliant people at other firms in my career, and never wanted location and commute restrictions to keep me from working with the best.

What have been the most successful marketing or PR initiatives your clients have done this year and what made them successful?

I’m really proud of the companies that kept fighting this year. We saw a lot of companies hunker down and try to wait out COVID-19, but I was impressed by several standout clients who worked with us to completely revamp their marketing efforts and remain agile. MobileSmith Health was just one example of a client that understood early on that they needed to completely change their business model and product offerings. Sure, they did it in part to remain profitable, but they also entered the fray, designing free and discounted apps to help hospitals and employers get through this ongoing crisis.

Which marketing option is the most underused option out there? Why?

You’ll have to listen to our radio show Overrated and Underused to find out! But in the big picture, the most underused promotional tactic is flexible consistency. Being consistent about finding the best way to get in front of the most prospects as often as possible. Yet being flexible enough to quickly move away from tactics/partners/outlets that don’t work, and move toward those that do.

Which marketing option is the most overrated option out there? Why?

I hate to give a non-answer but it depends. Paid advertising and sponsorships work really well for some sectors but don’t for others. Some markets just don’t have strong enough media outlets to succeed using solely a media relations program – others get most of their leads that way.  And some organizations just shouldn’t waste money on any external outreach until they get their own house in order in terms of their product messaging, website, etc.

What’s the most compelling marketing campaign you’ve ever seen (healthcare or otherwise)?

Anything that makes a near permanent, widespread shift in behavior. I think back to a couple food campaigns like “Milk does a body good,” and “Beef. It’s what’s for dinner.” Now we could debate the dietary honesty of those campaigns, but regardless, those two associations/councils worked on behalf of those members to reshape how generations of Americans think about their food. It doesn’t get much more impactful than that.

What advice would you give healthcare marketers as they plan for 2021?

Don’t hold back. Our industry is hurting and we need an influx of revolutionary talent, voices and brilliance to save it. I truly believe our associations, conferences, media outlets and analysts can come back stronger than ever if we can get out there and invest in them again.

What can the HITMC community do to help you and Anderson Interactive?

Keep on keeping on. My team and I have gained so much from being a part of a community who just gets it. The conferences… the social media interactions… the meet-ups… the access to marketing and media experts… everything!

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