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Dalton Patterson Chats Winning Rising Star Award for Health IT & Propelling Healthcare Marketing Forward

As part of our run up to the 2021 Medigy HITMC Awards, I sat down with Dalton Patterson, Digital Marketing Manager at CorroHealth to chat about  being the 2020 Rising Star award winner in Health IT. I wanted to hear what he was up to and learn a little bit more about his personal drive to change healthcare’s stale approach to marketing.

Below is just a snippet of our conversation that includes:

  • How he got into healthcare marketing
  • How he incorporated the same social media trends and personality from other industries into the healthcare space
  • Who he owes winning the Rising Star award to…hint it’s someone from the HITMC Community
  • How healthcare marketing can push the boundaries in 2021
  • And more!

Be sure to watch the full video to hear all of the great insights Dalton shared with us.

You’ve been on a bit of a journey getting to your current role at CorroHealth. Can you tell us a little bit about that journey.

I held a Specialist Marketing position with TrustHCS and when this merger to CorroHealth happened, there were four companies that didn’t have a person to lead their digital marketing effort. After one leadership meeting, I went from a Marketing Specialist for one company to overseeing the website, social media, external communications for four companies.

What made you want to get into your first role in healthcare marketing?   

Healthcare marketing was not my choice. I held a project management title with a Civil Engineering company.  I was not enjoying it and knew in my heart was I was to be in Marketing. One day, a friend of a friend who knew I wanted to make a change had me meet with the board of his company. After interviewing with leadership team and proving my skills, I got my first role in Healthcare Marketing. I wasn’t expecting this and didn’t expect to be in healthcare marketing, but here I am three and half years later. And I see if has my career and know that this is what I am going to do for the long haul.

I will say that healthcare marketing is not easy. Its very niche and frustrating at times. We live in an industry that is from a marketing standpoint somewhat behind. And although being in this industry has been a challenge, I have absolutely loved it.

What was your first reaction to winning the Rising Star award?

Complete shocked and humbled! When I found out I was a finalist, I was shocked! Seeing who I was going up against, I thought there was no way I would actually win. I know the professionality and velocity of the people inside of the HITMC community and I know how much I have personally learned from them.

I’m my own worst critic of the work I put out. So seeing this come to fruition and being awarded the award was super cool.

You have accomplished a lot in a short time in the healthcare industry. Is there a project that stands out, that you have been personally the most proud of in the last few years? 

The Road to AHIMA (#RoadtoAHIMA) and the continuation of that campaign with AHIMA Car Talk during the heart of COVID has to be at the top of the list.

We did something that nobody in the healthcare community has seen before. We documented our road trip to AHIMA all while posting, polling, engaging and singing to the AHIMA community. It was a great way to build buzz for our company all while doing something completely fresh when it came to healthcare marketing. From that successful campaign, we developed AHIMA car talk.  Since tradeshows weren’t happening due to COVID and we wouldn’t see the flow meeting we typical get at an event, we needed a way to highlight our subject matter experts, our CEO and CorroHealth. AHIMA Car Talk was our way to do this.

What has winning the Rising Star Award meant to you and for your career?

The best is yet to come. That’s probably all I can. The recognition has been incredible.

I’ll say this and this person probably doesn’t know this, but Gil Bashe is one of the most incredible people I have ever encountered. Being able to follow him on social media and communicate with him in terms of his world view and healthcare marketing is simply incredible.

It’s getting to work with people like him and others from the HITMC Community that has made this all worth while. HITMC has changed the course and pace of my career. I have to push winning back to HITMC.  I wouldn’t be involved with the community if it weren’t for Amber Doster and attending HITMC for the first time. I made a bunch of close friends who have picked me up and propelled me forward in this industry. So I owe the community a lot!

Where would you like to see healthcare marketing push the boundaries in 2021? 

The word authentic is my mantra going into this year. I’ve always wanted to see healthcare marketing excel and propel forward. I want to see new, fun, and authentic things coming into play.

I have to take COVID into consideration, as it has impacted us a lot. As people continue to work from home, the way we communicate, shop, and engage continues to be digitized.  We are not meeting with people regularly and are lacking interpersonalization. So when we get online, or go on social or on a website, we are starving for that authenticity and personal connection. So be real, be authentic.

Of the trends that you saw in 2020, are there any that healthcare marketers should reevaluate or stop doing in 2021? 

Stray away from the shotgun marketing and start doing the sniper marketing in 2021.

Get away from so many words and show some action. It’s easy to throw a bunch of content out to the cloud and say go get it! In 2021, it’s time to start bringing in your SMEs, put them on camera and have them speak in real time about a direct issue that pulls the audience in, shows them the immediate need, and how they can resolve it.

What’s one piece of advice you would give to healthcare marketers looking to make a splash in the industry?

Stay integral but TAKE THE RISK. If you think there is a way you can interact with reach people…TAKE THE RISK.

  • If you have an idea, just do it
  • If it seems crazy and farfetched, just go for it
  • If it flops, it’s ok
  • If it’s on social, you can always just delete it

Interested in nominating someone for the 2021 Medigy HITMC Awards? Visit our awards page to see all of this year’s categories and how you can nominate an organization or individual who did outstanding work last year.

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  • Dalton is an amazing part of this community and he’s unusually gracious and kind. He so earned this recognition and his collaborative spirit is a shining example to others that when we unite great things can help!




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