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4 Creative Ways to Use Your Booth Property During COVID

There is a powerful marketing asset sitting idle in hundreds of warehouses around the country and most companies do not realize how much value they have locked up. If you have booth properties on the sidelines, it’s time to unleash their potential. Don’t let them go to waste.

When conferences were cancelled due to COVID-19 earlier this year, most companies sent their booth properties back into storage. With no conferences on the horizon, these properties have sat in their crates gathering dust (okay maybe not actual dust since most of these are stored properly in warehouses controlled by exhibit management companies). That’s a shame.

Here are 4 ways you can put your booth assets to better use:

Demo Stations make great entrance kiosks.
Need a somewhere to hang your office COVID instructions and a place to put hand sanitizer in your office entrance? Demo stations are the perfect solution. They are designed to hold signage, have a fairly small footprint and have plenty of space for hand sanitizer. Plus, they are also easy to clean since they have lots of flat surfaces. Bonus, they are already branded with your company logo.

Banners add branding to video calls
In the beginning, virtual backgrounds on video calls were cool, but they are unreliable on certain video platforms and you can’t move around very much. Use a real backdrop instead of a virtual one! Ship your idle banners to your CEO and sales team so they can use them in the background of their video calls.

A great example of this is Greg Bonnell, a reporter for Canada’s Bloomberg News Network. He uses a banner as part of his backdrop.

Both gentlemen look professional in their suits and ties, but notice how more polished Bonnell looks with his branded background.

Of course, if you have a full booth background you can use that too. Here’s the step-and-repeat that I’m using as the backdrop for all my video calls and video interviews:

Booths are reality film sets
Remember those sales videos and product demos you wanted to capture/share online? Now is the perfect time to film them. But don’t use a regular boring office, why not use your booth as a film set? It’s branded, has lighting built in and makes for a more interesting background.

A pro-tip from Rob Majerowski, General Manager at Exhibitus: If you don’t have enough space in your office to set up your booth then consider partnering with your booth management company. Many have warehouse space and they have the skills to set up/sanitize your booth for you.

Temporary walls and dividers
Need to guide people along a certain path in your facility? Need a temporary divider or barrier? Modular booth structures are a perfect solution. They are lightweight, go up quickly and are sturdy. Don’t waste money on expensive office dividers, user your booth or rent what you need from your exhibits company (I bet they would give you a good deal right now)

Bottom line – don’t let your booth property sit idle. Just because there aren’t any conferences doesn’t mean you can’t use it for everyday video calls or as fixtures for your office.

…now where is my Allen key…

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