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Why Use HITMC Insights? A Content Marketer Viewpoint

Content marketers love exploring awesome content. We like to see what is getting good engagement and jumping on it to increase the likelihood our articles/posts are read. Even better, we love finding gaps in what’s being covered so that we can be first to to sink our teeth into it. 

The challenge, however, is trying to figure out what’s actually trending versus what’s a tired topic. It’s very hard to gain visibility into what your buyers are reading on the web. Most of us only have the data on what they are reading on our own website (a very narrow view). That’s essentially what Colin Hung, Editor at Healthcare IT Today said: Crafting content based only on your own website and email data is like trying to drive with a snow-covered windshield. HITMC Insights give you better visibility into what healthcare buyers are opening and reading.” 

HITMC Insights was developed to help address this challenge. It’s a monthly report that analyzes 18 health IT publications to uncover the topics that are trending in #healthIT. HITMC Insights is new, and we’re pretty excited about it. We thought it might be helpful to put together a quick guide on why Insights is a valuable tool to add to your marketing kit.

Stay abreast of top content

Stay up-to-date on what type of content is actually getting read in the market. 

HITMC Insights let’s you see into the overall state of content consumption, which is always good to keep a pulse on.

– Claire Pfarr, Communications Director, eVideon. 

With HITMC Insights you can stop wondering if you have the best content or if your content is on point. Our monthly report lets you see the top content that is being consumed by your healthcare buyers. 

Stop wasting time

If you’re like most marketers, time is never in abundance. HITMC Insights is your new best friend. We’ve done the grunt work for you. We’ve crunched the numbers and analyzed the top healthcare publications to see what is performing the best in the market. From hot topics and headlines analysis to winning subject lines and social media trends, HITMC Insights has you covered. 

Get something fresh into the market

While knowing what topics and content are trending and getting the most engagement is useful for building out a content strategy. You may also use these insights to push something new in the market. “I might use this to “zig while everyone zags” and try to come up with topics not listed on the report to get something fresh and eye-catching into the market.” Claire Pfarr, Communications Director, eVideon. 

HITMC Insights allows you to have the best of both worlds. Ride the wave of what’s popular or like Claire, maybe you choose to zig when everyone else zags!

Investigate online social trends

Curious about what people interact with online? What search terms are being used? Or what types of headlines are ACTUALLY getting opened?  

HITMC Insights assesses popular search terms and topics online to see what is getting the most engagement or what is dropping out of interest. 

And what about email subject lines? HITMC Insights helps you take your A/B testing skills up a notch to see what topics are consistently being opened by readers. 

See what makes a great pitch 

Tired of missing the mark when it comes to media pitches? HITMC Insights gives you insight into what the top 18+ healthcare publications are writing about. Use HITMC Insights to take a deep dive into what publications are looking for when it comes to pitches. 

Ready to get a leg up on your competition? See how this wealth of data can help you take it to the next level. Learn more about HITMC Insights.




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