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The Health IT Marketer Podcast: Resource for the HIT Community

The Health IT Marketer Podcast is intended to be a voice for the HITMC community. (I realize “HITMC community” is like saying “ATM machine,” but I think it still fits.) Each episode features an interview with a guest who takes a marketing angle on a health IT trend or a health IT angle on a marketing trend. New episodes air each Wednesday.

The topics are varied but as relevant as possible to anyone in a marketing or PR role at a health IT company or provider. Topics typically cover healthcare trends like ICD-10 and patient advocacy; strategies like content marketing and social media planning; consumer trends like wearables, Internet of Things and Big Data; and marketing tools such as Periscope, Blab and tweet chats.

Here are three questions that I commonly get asked:

1. What is the value of a podcast?

The value is helping you keep up with trends in a convenient way. Approximately half of our audience listens in the car, and the majority (close to 90%) prefers episodes under 30 minutes. Listeners ask for experts who are “in the trenches,” so the program focuses on those who have done it, not just talked about it.

2. How is it different than other health IT conversations happening on LinkedIn and tweet chats?

The podcast looks to augment existing conversations happening on social media by allowing us to go deeper on topics. We have renowned marketing experts tailoring their advice for health IT. We also have health IT thought leaders going deep and specific about how to succeed.

We also have current announcements tailored for the community. John Lynn has given a sneak preview of the venue for the 2016 conference in Atlanta. Joyce Lofstrom has shared tips to succeed at HIMSS16.

3. What are the most popular episodes?

I constantly ask listeners to suggest topics and guests that they would like to hear on future episodes. You can too — ping me on Twitter at @jaredpiano.

Here are the five most popular episodes to date:

  1. Joe Pulizzi, Content Marketing the Right Way — Audience First, then Product
    Joe Pulizzi, founder and CEO of the Content Marketing Institute and author of Content Inc., explains why entrepreneurs keep doing it wrong. He identifies six steps that successful businesses have used to build their audience first, then sell product. He also gives a recap of Content Marketing World and offers tips for health IT marketers to succeed with their content strategy.
  2. Fard Johnmar, Big Data and the Future of Health Care
    Medical futurist Fard Johnmar announces a new global study that is examining four key trends in health care — wearables, big data, mobile and social media — and how health providers are responding. Tune in as he discusses how health IT organizations must use and respond to these trends to succeed.
  3. Cari McLean, Standing Out with Social Media
    Cari McLean, director of social media for HIMSS, shares tips from the trenches on how health IT organizations can stand out using social media. Learn the importance of being human in your strategy, which platforms are trending and what tools can make your life easier.
  4. David Meerman Scott, Winning the Real-Time Marketing Battle with Newsjacking
    International bestselling author and acclaimed strategist David Meerman Scott shares the keys to newsjacking, one of the hottest forms of real-time marketing. He explains how a blog post was worth $16 million in sales, what Lindsay Lohan’s money troubles had to do with a used purse business, and how health IT companies can stand out with their marketing.
  5. Linda Stotsky, Remember the Patient Voice
    Linda Stotsky points out specific ways the health care system can stand up for patient advocacy. Linda addresses questions such as how to overcome resistance in the system and what marketers can do about it by including the patient voice in their storytelling. You will find her personal perspective refreshing and insightful.

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I will be co-presenting a rockin’ session on podcasting at HITMC 2016 with Janet Kennedy, host of Get Social Health, and Joe Lavelle, host of intrepidNOW Healthcare.

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