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Squeezing Every Last Drop of ROI Out of Your Marketing Campaign

Article by Matt Waterwall, TradeTec Account Executive

As a first-time sponsor, exhibitor, and participant of HITMC19, the one major piece that I was blown away by was the sense of community this conference generates. Each attendee has come here (whether as a supplier, vendor, competitor, or just a marketer looking for some extra knowledge to bring back to the team) to benefit from the greater good of digital healthcare marketing.

Aside from the keynote, the breakout sessions were where I saw this mindset shine. In the 40+ presentations everyone had a unique topic to share and bring to the table. Every attendee had something learn – no matter how (in)experienced you were.

While attending these sessions, I found there were common themes throughout: how do we make what we already do better and more impactful? How do we get buy-in from leadership? How do we abide by social law while still connecting with people on a personal level? Most importantly, how can we make our end users grasp ahold of the ever-changing technology and embrace it?

The answer to this is the essence of what you, as marketers, do every day – tell a story that resonates with your audience through engagement efforts. During Studio North’s presentation, they posed the question: how do you make marketing moments matter? (say that five times fast) One way to make an impact is to establish a campaign or set of campaigns that tells your story multiple times through different types of digestible media. At HITMC, many speakers used their personal campaigns as a case study to share the effectiveness of taking on this endeavor. Their success showed that when you drive home your (or your customers’) Unique Value Proposition in ways that relate to your buyer personas, you do in fact make moments that matter.

So, how can you squeeze out every last drop of ROI out of a marketing campaign? Easy – reduce, reuse, recycle!

Reduce: Make sure that you are feeding the right content to the right people at the right time in the buying cycle. This ensures that no effort is wasted and that it’s making the impact on your audience that you would ideally like.

Reuse: Once you have a campaign theme, stick to it! Apply that theme to everything that you do – even if its subliminal marketing. Use different types of media (videos, whitepapers, infographics, etc.) to share the same message in ways that your audience best digests that information. But be consistent; you still want every person to receive the same overall information – even if specifically catered.

Recycle: You don’t always have to recreate the wheel. For example: say you have a drip campaign of five emails. The first email goes out with “Subject A.” You wait a week and analyze who has opened the email and who hasn’t. Those who have not, you send the EXACT SAME EMAIL, but with “Subject B.” Studies suggest a reason that someone may not have opened the email is because the subject line didn’t relate to or interest them. Changing that subject line could drastically improve your open rate. Consider even personalizing “Subject B” to have an even better chance of engagement.

Whatever your campaign, driving it home and focusing on your audiences’ needs will be critical for its success. Connect with your audience so that you resonate with them. Be top of mind, always. You never know when they may have a need!

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Matt draws on 10 years of experience in the trade show industry as an Account Executive. Understanding your brand and its relationship to your clients, prospects, and industry is the foundation to his consultative approach. Matt’s goal is to create a branded tradeshow environment or event that serves as an exciting marketing vehicle to maximize your ROI. Matt is eager to evaluate your current program and show you how to get the greatest return on your investment.


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