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4 Ways to Create Content That Converts

Creating meaningful content isn’t easy. For one, the word “meaningful” can be fairly arbitrary. But if you think of the word meaningful as something that causes an action, meaningful content should provide your audience with the following:

  • A way for them to connect to a subject that matters to them
  • Introduce new and original ideas
  • Causes them to engage with and reflect on the content being shared

And all of this takes time.  It takes research and really good insights in order to build something that delivers these results and engagement. Not to mention that once you’ve done all of this, you still need to put it into action and hope that it produces some ROI.

Time and time again, we see many B2B marketers who fall into a trap where they think they have created meaningful content, but once it’s out in the market, it falls flat. It doesn’t resonate, brings back low engagement rates and produces no ROI.  

So what can we as content marketers do to elicit the responses above from our readers? 

We put together the following tips to help you create more meaningful content today!

1. Understand your target audience
How well do you ACTUALLY know your target audience? Rather than trying to guess what your audience wants, why not ask them? Find out what type of content is going to address their needs, their pain points and desires. These insights will be extremely important as you try to cut through the content clutter that is bombarding your audience online every day. According to Forrester, consumers engage with 11.4 pieces of content prior to making a purchase.  By asking them what THEY want will allow you to cut through the noise and move from just simply “knowing your audience” to truly understanding your audience. (Forrester)

2. Follow what’s trending in your industry
Finding out what is trending in your industry to help you create content from a current perspective will propel you to that all coveted seat at the “thought-leader” table. Here are a few ways to keep up on buzzing trends:

  • Keep up with industry publications to see what topics are being written about
  • Be on the lookout for trend report, studies and stats that let you know what your audience is looking for
  • Index keywords, headlines and topics that are popular and getting good engagement on Google and social media platforms

3. Analyze your own data
Although something might be trending in your industry, you will want to match it up against what your data is telling you to create some meaningful content topics. 

Go the extra mile by analyzing your social media engagement rates, unique pageviews, email open and click-through rates, to see what your particular audience is consuming so you can start creating the perfect topics for your audience. 

4. Check out your competition
It’s always a good idea to keep up with what your competitors are doing. How does the saying go? “Keep your enemies closer?” (no just kidding). But it is a good practice to incorporate some small things into your regime in order to keep up with your competitors. Start off with simple things like visiting their website to see what kind of content they are producing or following them on social media and taking note of their results. This is an important process so you can see if there are any content gaps in your strategy. 

We said it before, there is a lot that goes into creating meaningful content. It takes time to research, analyze and take notes of what your audience is doing online. But by incorporating these 4 tips into your content strategy, you can be sure that you’re creating content that is useful, usable and powerful for your audience.

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