Dina – A Successful Rebrand In Just 45 Days

Rebranding a company is not easy, but when a new name and identity “just clicks” with customer and staff, you know you are onto something good. That’s what happened at Dina (formerly Prepared Health) when they chose to adopt the name of their AI-powered product as their corporate identity. Now the company feels like it just emerged from a cocoon and is ready to fly to new heights.

When you hear the word “rebrand”, you probably have a strong reaction. Some people become giddy with excitement while they grab their idea boards, post-its, and SWOT analysis charts. Others hide under their desks, pop an Excedrin (or maybe something stronger) and prepare for the worst. Having led three corporate rebrands, I definitely fall into the former camp. I get excited about all the surveys, internal soul-searching and brainstorming sessions.

From my personal experience and from talking to peers, it is very rare that rebranding efforts are started by company founders. Most are reluctant to change the name, look or feel of the organization they created. I can’t say I blame them.

That’s why when I heard that Dina’s co-founder and CEO, Ashish Shah, was the one that got the ball rolling on their rebranding effort, I had to find out more.

Why Change?

Shah, originally chose the name “Prepared Health”, because it was the antithesis of how he felt when his father suddenly passed away in June of 2011. It was not long after Shah’s father’s death that he and company co-founder David Coyle began researching why so many people around the world are unprepared for and struggle to support a loved one’s goal of aging in place.

With a company name that held such deep personal meaning for Shah, he could have been forgiven for wanting to stick with it. However, Shah realized that it was not a name that helped the company stand out. As the company continue to grow and expand, he wanted something that would help differentiate them in an increasingly crowded space.

Why Dina?

Shah’s team considered “EnTouch,” which was the name for a network of caregivers that the company operated, but it felt like a generic name that blended into the sea of sameness.

“Dina” was the name of the company’s digital healthcare assistant that analyzed remote patient assessments and made evidence-based recommendations to address social, behavioral, and functional needs. After gathering feedback from customers, users, prospects, and fans, “Dina” was a clear winner. It was simple and memorable. It was inviting and made people want to engage.

“Mostly,” noted Shah. “It’s what people were calling us anyway. It was our primary product and it was what people saw when they used it. The name just fit.”

New Brand in Just 45 Days

Once the new name had been decided, they needed new brand messaging.

“We worked with an advisor who was in consumer marketing at Kraft,” said Ashish. “They helped us refine our messaging. Because we knew what we stood for and how we wanted to go to market, we didn’t have to go through the exercise where you find your ‘brand voice’. Our team knew what we wanted to convey, so it was really more about figuring out how to best execute on it. Because it was that simple, we didn’t need a lot of time to pivot to the new brand.”

How simple was it?

So simple, the team was able to rebrand the company in just 45 days after selecting the new name. They knew who they were and what they wanted to say, so they got to work and said it. Fast. Stakeholder communications, customer and investor notifications, website, collateral, product reinvisioning, new color palette, new imagery. All of it. In 45 days. Pshew!

“I think one of the reasons it went so smoothly was that the team really instantly adapted and began living the new brand right away,” shared Shah. “Immediately after the decision, everyone was saying ‘Dina’ instead of ‘Preferred Health.’ It wasn’t even weird. It came really naturally to everyone, and it instantly permeated the culture.”

Positive Response

Dina held an offsite event following the annual JPMorgan conference where they displayed the new brand, look and messaging. The company’s representatives were understandably nervous. Would everyone love it as much as they did? Would people “get” it or would they think it was weird?

Spoiler alert – everyone loved it.

Everyone agreed that Dina was refreshing, clean, and energizing. They especially like the change in messaging from an aspirational goal – Prepared Health: Connecting Caregivers from Hospital to Home into a more specific definition of what they offer – Dina: AI Powered Care Coordination.

A final question

Since I’m a marketing nerd, I had to ask a question on behalf of my fellow nerds in the HITMC Community – why all lowercase in their new logo and is there any meaning to the stylized “dot” above the “I”?

Shah explained that the team decided on lowercase because it was “neat and interesting”.

As for the graphic dot – it’s meant to look like a speech bubble, which is, of course, a nod to their AI-powered assistant but it also has a hidden meaning. On purpose it is a tilted location icon (like the ones you see on mapping apps), which is a subtle nod to their location capabilities.

The Dina story demonstrates that rebrands don’t have to be long and arduous projects. They can be quick and relatively painless. So the next time you want to rebrand, think of Dina and dive right in.

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