About Us

HITMC is first and foremost a community. We are bound together by a passion for and a love of PR, communications and marketing in healthcare. Because we work in healthcare, we are all driven by something more than driving conversions and winning placements. In our own way, we are all working to improve healthcare.

The central idea behind HITMC is to bring together all the smart, innovative and hard-working healthcare professionals so that we can learn from each other. We enable this by creating a culture where sharing, mutual respect and lifting each other up is the norm. This is the essence of HITMC. This is what makes HITMC special.

Being a member of HITMC means that you are someone who is committed to making a positive difference, not only in your own organization, but for the healthcare industry as a whole.


HITMC offers the community many useful tools and opportunities to connect with peers as well as partners.

  • Our website is home to a deep body of knowledge that covers everything relating to marketing, PR and communications in healthcare.
  • Our newsletter serves up the latest news from the world of healthcare marketing and shares the latest educational articles from thought-leaders.
  • Our regional networking events provide an opportunity to connect with fellow healthcare marketers face-to-face. No agenda. No sales pitches. Just good conversations in a casual setting.

Our annual conference brings the community together for three days of learning, collaboration and fun. It is THE PLACE to recharge your batteries and learn practical tactics that will take your marketing to the next level.




The Healthcare and IT Marketing Community (HITMC) is an extension of the HITMC conference that is the first of its kind event that brings together marketing and PR professionals from throughout the health care community. We strive to provide amazing marketing and PR related content that helps HealthIT companies and healthcare organizations  stand out amidst all the noise of the industry. If you’re looking to market to hospital executives, doctors, practice managers, patients, or other healthcare professionals, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to the HITMC community!